Zachary Peck

Zachary Daniel Peck

Graduate Assistant

Professional Summary

Generally construed, my primary research interests lie at the intersection of the philosophy of technology (specifically, artificial intelligence), philosophy of science (specifically, the biological and social sciences), social and political philosophy, and logic. In particular, I am interested in drawing insights from the biological and social sciences that are relevant to mitigating risks caused by digital technologies. The driving assumption of my research is that post-twentieth-century humanity, due to the accelerated pace at which our technologies change and adapt to both our behavior and the environment, is likely to undergo an accelerated pace of cultural, cognitive, and collective evolution. As a fleeting awareness riding this wave of change, I am simply trying to wrap my head around where we’re headed. How are we likely to adapt as a species given the rapidly changing nature of contemporary technology that is increasingly shaping the contours of all corners of our lives?


B.S.: East Tennessee State University 2015 (Philosophy, Psychology, and History)

M.A.: Georgia State University 2018 (Philosophy)

M.S.: University of Georgia 2021 (Artificial Intelligence)