John Pestian

John P Pestian , PhD,MBA


Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
3333 Burnett Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229
Phone 513-636-2056


Bachelor's Degree: St. Francis College 1981

Master's Degree : University of Steubenville 1987

Doctoral Degree: Virginia Commonwealth University 1994

Research and Practice Interests


Peer Reviewed Publications

Pestian JP, Sorter M, Connolly B, Bretonnel Cohen K, McCullumsmith C, Gee JT, Morency LP, Scherer S, Rohlfs L; STM Research Group.. (2016. ) A Machine Learning Approach to Identifying the Thought Markers of Suicidal Subjects: A Prospective Multicenter Trial. .Suicide Life Threat Behav., , More Information

Cohen KB, Glass B, Greiner HM, Holland-Bouley K, Standridge S, Arya R, Faist R, Morita D, Mangano F, Connolly B, Glauser T, Pestian J. (2016. ) Methodological Issues in Predicting Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Candidates Through Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.Biomed Inform Insights, , 8 ,11 More Information

Pestian JP, Grupp-Phelan J, Bretonnel Cohen K, Meyers G, Richey LA, Matykiewicz P, Sorter MT. (2016. ) A Controlled Trial Using Natural Language Processing to Examine the Language of Suicidal Adolescents in the Emergency Department.Suicide Life Threat Behav., , 46 (2 ) ,154 More Information

Connolly B, Matykiewicz P, Bretonnel Cohen K, Standridge SM, Glauser TA, Dlugos DJ, Koh S, Tham E, Pestian J. (2014. ) Assessing the similarity of surface linguistic features related to epilepsy across pediatric hospitals.J Am Med Inform Assoc., , 21 (5 ) ,866 More Information

Qureshi F, Pestian J, Davis P, Zaritsky A. (1998. ) Effect of nebulized ipratropium on the hospitalization rates of children with asthma. N Engl J Med., , 339 (15 ) ,1030

Pestian JP, Matykiewicz P, Linn-Gust M, South B, Uzuner O, Wiebe J, Cohen KB, Hurdle J, Brew C. (2012. ) Sentiment Analysis of Suicide Notes: A Shared Task. Biomed Inform Insights., , 5 (Suppl 1 ) ,3

Contact Information

Academic - Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
CincinnatiĀ  Ohio, 45229
Phone: 513-636-2056