Laura Pinelo

Laura F Pinelo

Health & Safety Professional 3

Health and Safety Director


Peer Reviewed Publications

Pinelo, Laura F; Kugel, Roger W; Ault, Bruce S (2015. ) Charge-Transfer Complexes and Photochemistry of Ozone with Ferrocene and n-Butylferrocene: A UV-vis Matrix-Isolation Study.The journal of physical chemistry. A, , 119 (41 ) ,10272-8 More Information

Kugel, Roger W; Pinelo, Laura F; Ault, Bruce S (2015. ) Infrared matrix-isolation and theoretical studies of the reactions of ferrocene with ozone.The journal of physical chemistry. A, , 119 (11 ) ,2371-82 More Information

Kettwich, Sharon C; Pinelo, Laura F; Anderson, David T (2008. ) Synthesis and infrared characterization of Br-HBr and Br-DBr entrance channel complexes in solid parahydrogen.Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP, , 10 (36 ) ,5564-73 More Information

Pinelo, Laura F; Klotz, Elsbeth R; Wonderly, William R; Paulson, Leif O; Kettwich, Sharon C; Kubelka, Jan; Anderson, David T (2018. ) Solid Parahydrogen Infrared Matrix Isolation and Computational Studies of Lin-(C2H4)m Complexes.The journal of physical chemistry. A, , 122 (4 ) ,985-991 More Information