Brea Postma

Brea Postma

Clinical Instructor

Professional Summary

Personal Statement
Growing up, my grandpa taught me so much, from how to swing a golf club to scoop the perfect ice cream cone. My fondest memories from my childhood are those spent with him on the golf course. This is where I learned one of life's most important lessons: dedication and determination create the drive that will guide you to the green. A few years ago, there was a gradual change in both my grandpa’s physical and emotional well-being. His feet began to shuffle every time he tried to take a step. His once effortless smile became forced and unnatural. His upbeat, carefree personality disappeared before my eyes. Shortly after, he was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease. The diagnosis began to consume him, masking who he was. As I watched with a heavy heart as he retired his golf clubs, I felt inspired to pick up my own clubs in pursuit of a career in medicine. Internal Medicine is the specialty where I most connected to the people, both patients and faculty. The mentorship I received on my Medicine sub-internship paralleled what my grandpa shared with me on the golf course. The residents and attendings with whom I worked instilled in me the importance of incorporating shared decision making into patient care, and they encouraged me to take ownership of my patients.

Why I Chose Cincinnati
I chose Cincinnati because during my interview day I just felt at “home.” The sense of camaraderie amongst residents and faculty was evident to me, even via zoom! I felt that UC would be a place where I would be able to train with not just colleagues, but colleagues who would eventually become friends and even family. I further loved UC’s emphasis on compassionate, patient-centered care and community. I knew after my interview, that I would be beyond thankful and honored to join the UC family. I feel absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to train here for the next 3 years!


MD: Michigan State University College of Human Medicine - Grand Rapids