Sanjay Prasher

Sanjay Prasher

Graduate Assistant

PhD student 837 Rieveschl Hall


BSc: University of Toronto Toronto, ON, Canada, 2014 (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Biological Anthropology)

MSc: University of Ottawa Ottawa, ON, Canada, 2018 (Biology)

Research and Practice Interests

I am interested in the relationship between social structure and information transmission in animals. In other words, how does an individual's position in a social network or dominance hierarchy influence its ability or tendency to gain information (e.g., learning which foods to eat) from its group members, and how does being a source of information influence an individual's social position? My research combines computational approaches and empirical work on groups of bobwhite quail housed on the UC campus to gain a deeper understanding of these topics.


Peer Reviewed Publications

Prasher, S., Thompson, M. J., Evans, J.C., El-Nachef, M., Bonier, F., and Morand-Ferron, J. (2019. ) Innovative consumers: exploring behavioural, ecological, and physiological predictors of responses to novel food.Behavioral Ecology, , 30 (5 ) ,1216-1225 More Information

Prasher, S., Evans, J.C., Thompson, M. J., and Morand-Ferron, J. (2019. ) Characterizing innovators: ecological and individual predictors of problem-solving performance.PLoS ONE, , 14 (6 ) ,e0217464 More Information

Van der Marel, A., Prasher, S., Carminito, C., O'Connell, C., Phillips, A., Kluever, B.M., and Hobson E.A. (2021. ) A framework to evaluate whether to pool or separate behaviors in a multilayer network.Current Zoology, , 67 (1 ) ,101-111 More Information