Xiaoyang Qi

Xiaoyang Qi

Professor of Medicine, Co-Division Chief for Basic Science Research

Vontz Center


COM IM Hematology/Oncology Division - 0508

Vontz Center for Molecular Studies
3125 Eden Avenue, Room 1314
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267


Bachelor's Degree, Nanjing University 1982 (Biochemistry)

Doctoral Degree, Oklahoma Sate University 1992 (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

Research Fellowship , Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center 1996 (Human Genetics)

Positions and Work Experience

2012 -To Present Associate Professor, Biomedical Engiineering Program in the College of Engineering (Secondary Faculty Member), University of Cincinnati,, Cincinnati, OH

2011 -To Present Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Hematology-Oncology, Department of Internal Medicine, (Primary Faculty Member) , University of Cincinnati College of Medicine,, Cincinnati, OH

2011 -To Present Associate Professor, Division and Program in Human Genetics (Secondary Faculty Member), Children's Hospital Medical Center,, Cincinnati, OH

2008 -To Present Research Associate Professor, Division and Program in Human Genetics, Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH

2007 -2009 Technology Liaison, Center for Technology Commercialization, Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH

2006 -To Present Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board, Bexion Pharmaceuticals LLC, Cincinnati, OH

2001 -2008 Assistant Professor, Division and Program in Human Genetics, Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH

1998 -2001 Research Assistant Professor, Division and Program in Human Genetics, Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH

1996 -1998 Research Instructor, Division of Human Genetics, Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH

1991 -1992 Research Associate, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK

1982 -1985 Lecturer, Biochemistry Department, Nanjing University, Nanjing, Jiangsu, P.R. China

Research and Practice Interests

My research is focused on developing a new saposin C (SapC) coupled dioleoylphosphatidylserine (DOPS) nanovesicle which has the potential to offer a targeted, potent, broad, and safe therapeutic agent for cancer patients. In preclinical studies, these stable nanovesicles (average diameter of 200 nm) have shown tumor-specific targeting activity and cancer-selective killing efficacy with significant inhibition of tumor growth in various animal tumor models. SapC-DOPS has striking absence of toxicity and adverse side effects in animals. In addition, these vesicles can deliver hydrophilic imaging probes, proteins, and RNA/DNA for cancer-selective targeting though specific binding of the surface exposed PS of tumor cell and vessels. Platform development of SapC-DOPS technology is my ongoing effort for cancer detection and therapy.

Research Support

Investigators:Xiaoyang Qi, Vladimir Bogdanov 07-01-2012 -06-30-2014 NIH Tissue factor splicing and pancreatic tumor progression: pilot studies Role:Co-PI Active Type:Grant

Investigators:Xiaoyang Qi 2012 -2013 UC Neurosurgery Research Fund In vivo MR microscopy of novel proteolipid nanovesicle incorporatin gadolium chelate Role:PI Active Type:Grant

Investigators:Xiaoyang Qi 12-01-2011 -11-30-2012 UC Brain Tumor Molecular Therapeutics Program SapC-DOPS nanovesicles: brain metastases targeting agents Role:PI Active Type:Grant

Investigators:Xiaoyang Qi 09-27-2011 -07-31-2016 NIH Acidic phospholipid-selective treatment for neuroblastoma Role:PI Active Type:Grant

2010 -2012 NIH R44 SapC-DOPS nanovesicles for treating glioblastoma multiforme Role:Co-PI

2010 -2011 NIH Clinical and Translational Sciences Award (CTSA) & The Center for Clinical and Translational Science and Training (CCTST) SapC-DOPS agents: Imaging and therapeutics in arthritis Role:Co-PI

2010 -2012 SISENE, France Lab Service Contract Role:PI

2009 -2011 Bexion Pharmaceuticals Lab Service Contract Role:PI

2008 -2009 NIH R43 A novel biotherapeutic treatment for pancreatic cancer Role:Co-PI

Grant: #R44 CA136017 Investigators:Qi, Xiaoyang 05-01-2011 -08-31-2012 National Cancer Institute Tunable Bandstop Filters for Suppression of Co-Site Interference and Jamming Sources Role:PI $241,555.00 Closed Level:Federal

Grant: #SRS 007740 Investigators:Qi, Xiaoyang 08-01-2011 -01-31-2013 Sisene SAS NOV-CT Effects on Human Gliomas Role:PI $60,488.00 Closed Level:Foreign Industry

Grant: #R01 CA158372 Investigators:Franco, Robert; Qi, Xiaoyang; Welge, Jeffrey 09-27-2011 -07-31-2016 National Cancer Institute Acidic Phospholipid- Selective Treatment for Neurobalstoma Role:PI $970,735.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #R21CA160293 Investigators:Bogdanov, Vladimir; Qi, Xiaoyang; Shukla, Rakesh 07-11-2012 -06-30-2014 National Cancer Institute Tissue Factor Splicing and Pancreatic Tumor Progression: Pilot Studies Role:Collaborator $363,330.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #Sub to 5R44CA136017 Investigators:Qi, Xiaoyang 09-01-2014 -08-31-2016 National Cancer Institute SapC-DOPS Nanovesicles: Biotherapeutic Agent for Pediatric Cancer Role:PI $103,028.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #R21NS095047 Investigators:Blanco, Victor; Qi, Xiaoyang 08-31-2015 -08-30-2017 National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Intravenous Enzyme Replacement Therapy for CNS Disorders Role:PI $250,450.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #MTTI2017BBT / HHSN26120170038C Investigators:Qi, Xiaoyang 09-18-2017 -06-17-2018 National Cancer Institute Biotherapy of brain tumors by radioiodinated SapC-DOPS nanovesicles Role:PI $91,989.79 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #2017 MTTI Agreement Investigators:Qi, Xiaoyang 09-18-2017 -06-30-2018 Molecular Targeting Technologies, Inc. Biotherapy of brain tumors by radioiodinated SapC-DOPS nanovesicles Role:PI $74,521.21 Awarded Level:Industry

Grant: #2019 ISRA Investigators:Qi, Xiaoyang 03-01-2019 -03-31-2020 Bexion Pharmaceuticals Preclinical studies of BXQ-350 therapy for DIPG Role:PI $28,579.82 Awarded Level:Industry

Grant: #T32CA236764-01 Investigators:Bogdanov, Vladimir; Qi, Xiaoyang 07-05-2019 -06-30-2024 National Cancer Institute Post-Graduate Hematology/Oncology Translational (PG-HOT) Training Program Role:Collaborator $296,167.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #1R01CA239657-01A1 Investigators:Kendler, Ady; Marko, Nicholas; Plas, David; Qi, Xiaoyang 12-01-2019 -11-30-2024 National Cancer Institute Co-targeting S6 and TAM kinases in PTEN-deficient glioblastoma Role:Collaborator $423,892.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #PanCAN 20-65-QIXI Investigators:Qi, Xiaoyang 09-01-2020 -08-31-2022 Pancreatic Cancer Network Immunotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer by Saposin C-based Nanovesicles Role:PI $500,000.00 Awarded Level:Private Non-Profit


Peer Reviewed Publications

X. Qi, M.J. Flick, M. Frederick, Z. Chu, R. Mason, M. Delay, and S. Thornton, (2012. ) Saposin C coupled lipid nanovesicles specifically target arthritic mouse joints for optical imaging of disease severity .PLoS One, , 7 ,e33966

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Honors and Awards

11-01-2011 The News Record, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, USA, "Cancer compound awaits trial"

09-01-2011 Co-Chair: Small Animal Imaging, Roundtable Session. Inaugural Imaging and Flow Cytometry Research Day, Cincinnati, OH, USA

07-01-2011 9 News Interview, OH, USA, "Local company making huge strides in developing cancer cure, free of side effects"

04-18-2011 Tri-State Outstanding Biotech Innovation Award for SapC-DOPS Technology Bexion Pharmaceuticals, USA

2011 Marquis Who's Who in America (65th Edition)

2010 The Enquirer Newspaper, Community Press, Cincinnati, OH "Cancer treatment shows promise"

2010 -To Present Member Cincinnati Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors

2010 Co-Chair Inorganic, Organic, Dendrimer, Natural or Artificial Biopolymer for Nanomedicine - Nanomedicine2010, Beijing, China

2010 Chair (2 Sessions) Neuro-oncological Cancer Drug Discovery; Gene, Tissue Chips, Lab-On-Chip and Microfluidics. The 3rd World Cancer Congress, Singapore

2010 China Innovative Drug Award

2008 Co-Chair Cancer Imaging: MRI, PET, and Molecular Imaging - The World Cancer Congress, Shanghai, China

2007 JiangSu Technology Innovation Award, China

2007 Changzhou First LingJunRenWu Award, China

AcademicKeys Who's Who in Medicine Higher Education (WWMHE) 2004, 2005, 2012

2012 CancerFree KIDS Foundation Interview, Cincinnati, OH, USA

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