Jennifer Radt

Asst Dean

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CC Student Affairs and Services - 0162

Research Support

Grant: #RSC01-0000004429 Investigators:Radt, Jennifer 02-26-2010 -09-30-2010 Department of Education Support Services to Maximize and Enhance the Educational Potential and Development of Independence of all Students with Disabilities. Role:PI $18,567.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #Mini Grant RPS Investigators:Radt, Jennifer 07-01-2012 -06-30-2013 Clermont County Mental Health and Recovery Board Reducing Psychological Stressors Among Students Pursing Health-related Programs Role:PI $3,800.00 Active Level:Local Government

Grant: #Ohio Coalition Institute Investigators:Coffey-Faison, Monica; Radt, Jennifer; Stewart, Gregory 08-09-2023 -06-30-2024 Prevention Action Alliance Problem Gambling Prevention and Treatment Coalition Role:Collaborator 5000.00 Hold Level:Non Profit