Kazi Rahman

Kazi Mahmudur Rahman

Professional Summary

Expertise in: GIS and remote sensing application in water resources, Statistical analysis and stochastic modelling, Hydrological modelling, Water quality modelling, Sediment transport modelling, Spatial rainfall modelling, Statistical hypothesis development and testing, Hydraulic river flood modelling, Physio-chemical River water quality modelling


Postdoc: Stanford University California, 2015 (Hydrology, Water Resources)

PhD: University of Geneva Geneva, Switzerland, 2013 (Hydrology & Water Resources)

Masters: Katholieke University of Leuven Belgium, 2009 (Water Resources Engineering)


Peer Reviewed Publications

Rahman K, Ana Gago da Silva, Enrique Moran Tejeda, Andreas Gobiet, Martin Beniston, & Anthony Lehmann (2015. ) An Independent and Combined Effect Analysis of Land Use and Climate Change in the Upper Rhone River Watershed, Switzerland. Journal of Applied Geography, ,

Rahman, K., Gorelick M, P James Dennedy-Frank, Jim Yoon, and Bala Rajaratnam (2015. ) Declining Rainfall and Regional Variability Changes in Jordan. Water Resources Research, ,

Rahman, K., Besacier-Monbertrand, A.-L., Castella, E., Lods-Crozet, B., Ilg, C., and Beguin, O (2015. ) Quantification of the daily dynamics of streamflow components in a small alpine watershed in Switzerland using end member mixing analysis . Environmental Earth Sciences, ,

Rahman, K., Etienne, C., Gago da Silva, A., Maringanti, C., Beniston, M., Lehmann, A., (2014. ) Performance evaluation of regional climate models for runoff simulation and their grid resolution for mountainous watershed: .Environmental Earth Science, ,

Rahman, K., Maringanti, C., Beniston, M., Widmer, F., Abbaspour, K., and Lehmann, A (2013. ) treamflow Modeling in a Highly Managed Mountainous Glacier Watershed Using SWAT: The Upper Rhone River Watershed Case in Switzerland .Water Resources Management, ,

Courses Taught

Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic Systems (Lab)

Engineering Hydrology

Contact Information

742 Engineering Research Center
Woodside Drive
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45221