Wendy Ramalingam

Wendy Ramalingam , MD

Assistant Professor-Affiliate

Medical Sciences Building


COM Orthopaedic Surgery - 0212


Bachelor's Degree: University of Cincinnati 2008 (Biomedical Engineering)

Medical Degree: University of Iowa, Carver College of Medicine 2012


Peer Reviewed Publications

Summers, Melissa A; Matar, Robert N; Denning, Jaime Rice; Dixon, Tonya L; Ramalingam, Wendy G; Asghar, Ferhan A; Grawe, Brian M (2020. ) Closing the Gender Gap: Barriers to Success for Recruitment and Retention of the Female Orthopaedic Surgery Applicant.JBJS reviews, , 8 (5 ) ,e0211 More Information

Tetreault, Allison; Ramalingam, Wendy; Black, Jennifer; Miller, Nancy H; Donaldson, Nathan Osteosarcoma in an Adolescent with Kniest Dysplasia: A Case Report.JBJS case connector, , 8 (4 ) ,e78 More Information

Schumaier, Adam P; Matar, Robert N; Ramalingam, Wendy G; Archdeacon, Michael T (2021. ) Patient-Reported Outcomes for Fractures of the Acetabulum: A Comparison Between Patient-Reported Outcomes Information System and Traditional Instruments.The Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, , More Information

Southam, Brendan R; Schumaier, Adam; Ramalingam, Wendy; Avilucea, Frank; Denning, Jaime Rice; Whitlock, Patrick W; Archdeacon, Michael T (2021. ) Pediatric and Adolescent Fractures of the Acetabulum treated with ORIF: What are their Functional Outcomes?.Journal of orthopaedic trauma, , More Information

Ramalingam, Wendy G; Carry, Patrick; Brazell, Christopher; Calkins, Ryan; Linza-Moscati, Sara; Stoneback, Jason; Miller, Nancy Hadley (2021. ) Outcomes of displaced adolescent distal third tibia fractures: can we do better?.Journal of pediatric orthopedics. Part B, , More Information

Goodwin, Wendy; McCabe, Daniel; Sauter, Ellen; Reese, Eric; Walter, Morgan; Buckwalter, Joseph A; Martin, James A (2010. ) Rotenone prevents impact-induced chondrocyte death.Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society, , 28 (8 ) ,1057-63 More Information

Shearn, Jason T; Juncosa-Melvin, Natalia; Boivin, Gregory P; Galloway, Marc T; Goodwin, Wendy; Gooch, Cynthia; Dunn, Michael G; Butler, David L (2007. ) Mechanical stimulation of tendon tissue engineered constructs: effects on construct stiffness, repair biomechanics, and their correlation.Journal of biomechanical engineering, , 129 (6 ) ,848-54 More Information

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