Selena Ramanayake

Selena Marie Ramanayake

Assoc Dir Academic

Teachers College


CECH - School of Information Technology - 0022


Educational Studies Ph.D.: University of Cincinnati 2018

Positions and Work Experience

10-22-2018 - Instructional Designer , Lead SoIT in course content revision, development, continuous improvement, and standardization including: Faculty Dev, Training and Engagement, LMS Transition/Template, Curriculum Design, Course Success/Auditing, High School Teacher Training, Early IT program, and Service on Search Committees and as Accessibility Coordinator, University of Cincinnati, School of Information Technology,

08-22-2013 - Adjunct Instructor, Taught ESL 2089 Intermediate Composition for International Students, ESL 1080 English Composition for International Students, LSLS 8005/8105 Postsecondary literacy instruction: Teaching literacy in a diverse society and LSLS 3061/7061 English language development, acquisition and pedagogy, University of Cincinnati, School of Education,

10-01-2018 -02-01-2019 Rosetta Stone English Content Writer, Wrote 30 minute lessons for a mobile app aimed at teaching adults professional English (building the mobile content images and titles, writing tutor notes, publishing to the site); Wrote conversational topic notations for tutors to engage learners at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels; Focused on learning strategies and cultural experiences,

09-07-2020 - Assistant Director-Academic-Course Success, Leading SoIT Course Success Team (instruction and assessment), University of Cincinnati, School of Information Technology,


Peer Reviewed Publications

Ramanayake, S. and Williams, C. (2017. ) “I don’t know why I’m learning this”: Preservice English teachers’ engagement in a language development course. .International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, , 29 (3 ) ,447

Yang, N., Ramanayake, S., Zhang, Z., Luo, P., Williams, K., and Zhao, W. (2020. ) Inner speech and its role on Chinese learners’ English reading speed and comprehension .


Poster Presentations

Fritz, J., Ramanayake, S., and Collins, T. (10-07-2020. ) Early Information Technology program high school teachers’ training and continual professional development .SIGITE '20, October 7–9, 2020, Virtual Event,

Paper Presentations

Yang, N., Ramanayake, S., Zhang, Z., Zhao, W., Luo, P., and Williams, K. (10-23-2020. ) Inner speech in L2 sentence comprehension: The roles of inhibitory control and working memory .Vanderbilt, TN.

Ramanayake, S. (06-28-2018. ) A potential pedagogy: How learners conceptualize their imagined communities and its place in language education .Waterloo, Canada.

Ramanayake, S. and Kendall Theado, C. (04-08-2020. ) Cultivating culturally and linguistically diverse college classrooms: Using theory to analyze real-world interactions .Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Ramanayake, S. (04-01-2017. ) Impacting the transition from learner to fluent speaker: Adult learners’ imagined communities and possible pedagogy .Cincinnati, OH.

Ramanayake, S. and Sunny, C. E. (12-07-2020. ) Preservice teachers’ English content knowledge & literacy. .Sanibel Island, FL.

Ramanayake, S. (10-31-2020. ) Exploring the role of imagined communities as a potential pedagogical tool in language learning .Columbus, OH.