Reena Rani

Sr Research Associate

Medical Sciences Building

COM IM Pulmonary Shi Lab - 0564


PHD: Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, India (Field of Study: Immunology)


Peer Reviewed Publications

Trivedi, Vyoma Snehal; Magnusen, Albert Frank; Rani, Reena; Marsili, Luca; Slavotinek, Anne Michele; Prows, Daniel Ray; Hopkin, Robert James; McKay, Mary Ashley; Pandey, Manoj Kumar (2022. ) Targeting the Complement-Sphingolipid System in COVID-19 and Gaucher Diseases: Evidence for a New Treatment Strategy.International journal of molecular sciences, , 23 (22 ) , More Information

Magnusen, Albert Frank; Rani, Reena; McKay, Mary Ashley; Hatton, Shelby Loraine; Nyamajenjere, Tsitsi Carol; Magnusen, Daniel Nii Aryee; Köhl, Jörg; Grabowski, Gregory Alex; Pandey, Manoj Kumar (2021. ) C-X-C Motif Chemokine Ligand 9 and Its CXCR3 Receptor Are the Salt and Pepper for T Cells Trafficking in a Mouse Model of Gaucher Disease.International journal of molecular sciences, , 22 (23 ) , More Information

Magnusen, Albert Frank; Hatton, Shelby Loraine; Rani, Reena; Pandey, Manoj Kumar (2021. ) Genetic Defects and Pro-inflammatory Cytokines in Parkinson's Disease.Frontiers in neurology, , 12 ,636139 More Information

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McBerry, Cortez; Egan, Charlotte E; Rani, Reena; Yang, Yanfen; Wu, David; Boespflug, Nicholas; Boon, Louis; Butcher, Barbara; Mirpuri, Julie; Hogan, Simon P; Denkers, Eric Y; Aliberti, Julio; Herbert, De'broski R (2012. ) Trefoil factor 2 negatively regulates type 1 immunity against Toxoplasma gondii.Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), , 189 (6 ) ,3078-84 More Information

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Du, Wei; Rani, Reena; Sipple, Jared; Schick, Jonathan; Myers, Kasiani C; Mehta, Parinda; Andreassen, Paul R; Davies, Stella M; Pang, Qishen (2012. ) The FA pathway counteracts oxidative stress through selective protection of antioxidant defense gene promoters.Blood, , 119 (18 ) ,4142-51 More Information

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Rani, Reena; Smulian, Alan G; Greaves, David R; Hogan, Simon P; Herbert, De'Broski R (2011. ) TGF-β limits IL-33 production and promotes the resolution of colitis through regulation of macrophage function.European journal of immunology, , 41 (7 ) ,2000-9 More Information

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Du, Wei; Adam, Zsuzsanna; Rani, Reena; Zhang, Xiaoling; Pang, Qishen (2008. ) Oxidative stress in Fanconi anemia hematopoiesis and disease progression.Antioxidants & redox signaling, , 10 (11 ) ,1909-21 More Information

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