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Prashanth Ravi , PHD

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COM Radiology 3D Imaging - 0761

Professional Summary

Dr. Ravi employs his deep technical expertise in medical 3D printing and virtual reality to plan endoscopic cardiac valve repair, minimally invasive coronary artery bypass, and mandibular reconstruction surgeries. Prior to joining the University of Cincinnati in 2020, Dr. Ravi worked in the 3D printing industry performing research & development. He publishes his research in top-tier journals and is currently an Associate Editor for Springer Nature's 3D Printing in Medicine journal. He received many prestigious awards including the Graduate Student Employee of the Year award for 2016-17, the Igor Fraiberg Endowed Scholarship in Engineering, and a fellowship from the I Engage Mentoring Program. His paper in the journal Medical Physics on the accuracy of multi-pathological 3D printed anatomic models was Editor's Choice for June 2021.

Dr. Ravi's long term goal is to improve the impact of 3D printing technology in medicine by addressing the existing technological challenges through a hybrid scientific-entrepreneurial route. Ultimately, he would like to endow scholarships at his alma mater to help deserving students complete their education.


PhD: The University of Texas at Arlington 2017 (Mechanical Engineering)

BS: The University of Texas at Arlington 2013 (Mechanical Engineering)

Positions and Work Experience

02-2018 -01-2020 3D Printing Engineer, Simplify3D LLC, Cincinnati, OH

01-2020 -To Present Research Associate, University of Cincinnati, Radiology 3D Printing Lab

01-2021 -To Present Volunteer Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati, Radiology 3D Printing Lab


Peer Reviewed Publications

Ravi, Prashanth; Chepelev, Leonid; Lawera, Nathan; Haque, Khan Md Ariful; Chen, Victoria C P; Ali, Arafat; Rybicki, Frank J (2021. ) A systematic evaluation of medical 3D printing accuracy of multi-pathological anatomical models for surgical planning manufactured in elastic and rigid material using desktop inverted vat photopolymerization.Medical physics, , 48 (6 ) ,3223-3233 More Information

Tino, Rance; Moore, Ryan; Antoline, Sam; Ravi, Prashanth; Wake, Nicole; Ionita, Ciprian N; Morris, Jonathan M; Decker, Summer J; Sheikh, Adnan; Rybicki, Frank J; Chepelev, Leonid L (2020. ) COVID-19 and the role of 3D printing in medicine.3D printing in medicine, , 6 (1 ) ,11 More Information

Ravi, Prashanth (2020. ) Understanding the relationship between slicing and measured fill density in material extrusion 3D printing towards precision porosity constructs for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications.3D printing in medicine, , 6 (1 ) ,10 More Information

Ravi, Prashanth; Chen, Victoria C P (2021. ) A focused simulation-based optimization of print time and material usage with respect to orientation, layer height and support settings for multi-pathological anatomical models in inverted vat photopolymerization 3D printing.3D printing in medicine, , 7 (1 ) ,23 More Information

Ravi, Prashanth; Chepelev, Leonid L; Stichweh, Gabrielle V; Jones, Benjamin S; Rybicki, Frank J (2022. ) Medical 3D Printing Dimensional Accuracy for Multi-pathological Anatomical Models 3D Printed Using Material Extrusion.Journal of digital imaging, , 35 (3 ) ,613-622 More Information

Ravi, Prashanth; Burch, Michael B; Farahani, Shayan; Chepelev, Leonid L; Yang, David; Ali, Arafat; Joyce, Jennifer R; Lawera, Nathan; Stringer, Jimmy; Morris, Jonathan M; Ballard, David H; Wang, Kenneth C; Mahoney, Mary C; Kondor, Shayne; Rybicki, Frank J (2022. ) Utility and Costs During the Initial Year of 3D Printing in an Academic Hospital.Journal of the American College of Radiology : JACR, , More Information

Ravi, Prashanth (2023. ) Advanced Image Segmentation and Modeling - A Review of the 2021-2022 Thematic Series.3D printing in medicine, , 9 (1 ) ,1 More Information

Ravi, Prashanth; Wright, Jamie; Shiakolas, Panos S; Welch, Tré R (2019. ) Three-dimensional printing of poly(glycerol sebacate fumarate) gadodiamide-poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate structures and characterization of mechanical properties for soft tissue applications.Journal of biomedical materials research. Part B, Applied biomaterials, , 107 (3 ) ,664-671 More Information

Professional Affiliation

07-2020 -To Present: Associate Editor Springer Nature's 3D Printing in Medicine journal.

Patents and Inventions

U.S. Provisional Application No. 63/304981 Lift-Based Peel Separation for Inverted Vat Photopolymerization 3D Printing Prashanth Ravi, Vishnu V Ramasamy, Filed Inventor

Contact Information

Research - MSB Serv Bldg E685LB
Phone: 513-558-1387
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