Josette Riep

Josette Riep , BS,MS

Exec Dir Information Technology



ITUC Software Development - 0658

Professional Summary

Josette Riep is the Director of Software Development in IT@UC and holds a Masters Degree in Information Technology as well as a degree in business administration and technology. Josette has worked in the field of Software Development for over 20 years and her current responsibilities include: Leadership over custom development initiatives spanning education, research, patient care & administration; Equity & Inclusion sponsorship activities with an emphasis on increasing STEM representation for African Americans and other underrepresented groups, customer relationship management; budget planning, and resource allocation; project planning, the establishment of methods to share lessons learned; implementation of best practices among IT@UC developers; hands-on coordination of projects and other strategic initiatives; process improvement to evolve the efficiency and effectiveness of IT@UC operations; team building; revenue generation.

Josette is committed to creating a more inclusive environment within STEM and strongly believes that an individual must have a willingness to break through barriers, clear obstacles, and pave new paths where needed. Through participation in UC’s Diversity initiatives including the UC Equity & Inclusion Liaison Committee, the IT@UC Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program, ShareIT (training and mentoring program), AI-driven research related to the expansion of African Americans in STEM, and other initiatives Josette continues to serve a role in ensuring UC creates an environment that does not tolerate but embraces our differences and thus empowers individuals and organiztions to excel.


Current Ph.D. Candidate: University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, 2022 (Information Technology)

Master's Degree: University of Cincinnati 2021 (Information Technology)

Bachelor of Science: 2018 (Business & Technology)

Positions and Work Experience

01-02-2022 - Executive IT Director, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati

01-01-2021 - Director, Development, University of Cincinnati,

01-01-2014 -01-01-2020 Associate Director, Software Development, University of Cincinnati, UCIT,

08-02-2010 -12-31-2014 Assistant Director, Software Development, University of Cincinnati, UCIT,

06-01-2006 -08-11-2010 IT Manager, Software Development, University of Cincinnati, Academic Information Technology & Libraries,


Peer Reviewed Publications

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Other Publications

Josette R. Riep (2021. ) Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to increase STEM Graduates Among Underrepresented Populations [Master's thesis, University of Cincinnati] .OhOhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center,

Kamaria Wilson (2017. ) Embrace, Empower, Excel: An Intentional Look at the Importance of Action Oriented Diversity and Inclusion with Josette Riep .


Invited Presentations

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May Chang, Josette Riep (07-2019. ) Regional Smart Campuses: Empowering and connecting an inclusive community and workforce .Smart Cities Conference, South Africa. Conference. . Level:International

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Josette R. Riep (03-05-2021. ) Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to increase STEM Graduates Among Underrepresented Populations .Online. Conference. Level:Regional

Event Organized

ComSpark Interviews

ComSpark Interviews Other 04-02-2021 04-02-2021 Online Level:Regional

ComSpark Innovation & Technology Summit: Digital Transformation Track

ComSpark Innovation & Technology Summit: Digital Transformation Track Conference 09-21-2021 09-21-2021 Virtual Level:National

Women in Technology Leadership Summit 2021

Women in Technology Leadership Summit 2021 Conference 02-24-2021 Level:International

Honors and Awards

10-02-2021 Stemmy Awards: Technologist of the Year 2021 Status:Recipient

2021 University of Cincinnati Staff Excellence Award Recipient

CDO Magazine: Leading Academic Data Leaders 2021


Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment(MeSH E), Equity, Inclusion, Application Development, Software Development, data management, service oriented architecture, microservices.