Mallory Rock

Mallory Rock

Graduate Assistant


Professional Summary

Mallory is a PhD candidate in the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Cincinnati. Her subfields are American Politics and Comparative Politics, and she isĀ pursuing a doctoral concentration in Feminist Comparative and International Politics. Mallory's research interests include women in politics, conservative women, white Christian nationalism, and white identity politics.


Bachelor's: Brigham Young University Provo, UT, 2018 (English)

Research and Practice Interests

Gender and Politics
Conservative Women
White Identity Politics
American Politics

Positions and Work Experience

08-2018 -02-2019 Communications Intern, Office of Georgia Governor, Atlanta, GA

02-2018 -04-2018 Policy Research and Analysis Intern, Romney for Utah Campaign, Orem, UT


Paper Presentations

Rock, Mallory (04-08-2023. ) Conservative Women and the Rise of White Christian Nationalism in the United States .San Francisco, Californa. Conference.


Identity politics, American politics, Conservative women, Nationalism, Gender and politics, White identity

Contact Information

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