Jack Rubinstein

Jack Rubinstein , MD

Associate Professor of Clinical

Medical Sciences Building
231 Albert Sabin Way, MLC 0542
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267
Phone (513) 558-3062
Email jack.rubinstein@uc.edu


Medical Degree: Universidad Anahuac del Norte - Honors 1999

Research Fellowship: Instituto Nacional de Cardiologia Ignacio Chavez 2001

Residency: Albert Einstein Medical Center 2005 (Internal Medicine )

Chief Medical Resident : Thomas Jefferson University - Frankford Campus 2006

Fellowship : Michigan State University 2009 (Cardiology )

Chief Fellow : Michigan State University 2009 (Cardiology )


American Board of Internal Medicine (Cardiovascular Disease) (Certification Date: 11-06-2009 ) - (Recertification Date: to 11-06-2019 )

Clinical Interests


Cardiovascular Disease

Heart Failure


Coronary artery disease

Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD)


Cardiovascular Disease

Internal Medicine

Research and Practice Interests

Advanced Echocardiographic Imaging, Myocardial Energy Utilization.

Positions and Work Experience

2009 -To Present Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Diseases, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

2009 -To Present Associate Director, Echocardiography Laboratory, University Hospital, Cincinnati, OH

2006 -2009 Clinical Instructor, Michigan State University,

Research Support

Investigators:J Rubinstein 2010 -To Present Forest Pharmaceuticals Advanced Echochardiographic Study of Nebivolol Role:PI $175,000

Grant: #UL1RR026314 Investigators:J Rubinstein 2010 -2011 NIH/NCRR- CCTST Research Ethics Grant from an Institutional Clinical and Translational Science- University of Cincinnati BiDil in the Physician-Patient Relationship Role:Co-PI $10,000

Investigators:Jones, Rubinstein 2010 -2011 Internal Medicine Rehn Award High Fat is Cardioprotective in Ischemia Reperfusion Role:PI $15,000

Investigators:Rubinstein SCR/MWAFMR Moderated Poster Presentation Travel Award Prize $500

Grant: #2R01HL091478 Investigators:Ashraf, Muhammad; Jones, Walter; Ren, Xiaoping; Rubinstein, Jack 06-01-2013 -05-31-2018 National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute NF-kB-Dependent miRNAs in Cardioprotection and Regeneration Role:Collaborator $623,695.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #R21ES023319 Investigators:Puga, Alvaro; Rubinstein, Jack 08-29-2013 -07-31-2016 National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Transgenerational Inheritance of Epigenetic Effects of Polychlorinated Biphenyls Role:Collaborator $326,966.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #13BGIA17140069 Investigators:Rubinstein, Jack 07-01-2013 -06-30-2015 American Heart Association - Great Rivers Affiliate Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 2 (TRPV2) Channel Stimulation for the Treatment of Heart Failure Role:PI $66,000.00 Awarded Level:Private Non-Profit

Grant: #LU#206610 / R01 HL091487 Investigators:Rubinstein, Jack 08-13-2014 -05-31-2015 National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute NF-kB-dependent miRNAs in Cardioprotection and Regeneration Role:PI $8,189.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #1 R01 ES024744-01 Investigators:Puga, Alvaro; Rubinstein, Jack 11-10-2014 -10-31-2019 National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Gene-Environment Interactions in the Fetal Origin of Adult Cardiac Disease Role:Collaborator $501,042.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #Check 43178 Investigators:Rubinstein, Jack 02-01-2015 -07-31-2015 Scientific Therapeutics Information, Inc. Grant Award - Tenth Annual Northwestern Cardiovascular Young Investigators' Forum Role:PI $1,000.00 Awarded Level:Industry

Grant: #R01 HL132111 Investigators:Rubinstein, Jack; Tranter, Michael 07-01-2015 -03-31-2021 National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Investigation of Human Antigen R (HuR) as a Novel Mediator of Cardiac Hypertrophy Role:Collaborator $355,500.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #664SUB / UH54HL119810 Investigators:Rubinstein, Jack 02-01-2016 -01-31-2017 National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Development of IV Probenecid for ADHF Role:PI $117,301.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #17GRNT33400014 Investigators:Rubinstein, Jack 01-01-2017 -12-31-2018 American Heart Association - Great Rivers Affiliate TRPV2 agonism for improved cardiac function in patients with single ventricle physiology Role:PI $77,000.00 Awarded Level:Private Non-Profit

Grant: #R01ES027855 Investigators:Pinney, Susan; Rubinstein, Jack; Wang, Hongsheng; Xie, Changchun 02-01-2018 -01-31-2023 National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Endocrine Disruptors and Heart Health Role:Collaborator $429,032.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #R01 HL143490 Investigators:Fan, Guochang; Rubinstein, Jack; Sadayappan, Sakthivel; Wang, Yi-Gang; Xu, Meifeng 04-01-2019 -03-31-2023 National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases IGF-2R is a new therapeutic target for cardiac ischemia-reperfusion injury Role:Collaborator $411,432.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #U01DA050330 Investigators:Amlal, Hassane; Crutchfield, Christopher; Dasenbrock-Gamm, Hanna; Kirley, Terence; Norman, Andrew; Rubinstein, Jack; Webster, Rose 09-15-2019 -07-31-2022 National Institute on Drug Abuse IND-Enabling Pre-Clinical Studies to Accelerate the Clinical Development of a Humanized Anti-Cocaine Monoclonal Antibody Role:Collaborator $1,796,316.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #R38HL155775 Investigators:Rubinstein, Jack; Sadayappan, Sakthivel; Schauer, Daniel 04-01-2021 -03-31-2025 National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Stimulating Access to Research in the University of Cincinnati Internal Medicine Residency Program Role:PI $247,449.00 Active Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

Gadeela, Nitesh; Rubinstein, Jack; Tamhane, Umesh; Huang, Ruiping; Pathak, Dorothy R; Hosein, Hazel-Ann; Rich, Michael; Dhar, Gaurav; Abela, George S (2011. ) The impact of circulating cholesterol crystals on vasomotor function implications for no-reflow phenomenon.JACC. Cardiovascular interventions, , 4 (5 ) ,521-9 More Information

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Huang, Wei; Rubinstein, Jack; Prieto, Alejandro R; Wang, Donna H (2010. ) Enhanced postmyocardial infarction fibrosis via stimulation of the transforming growth factor-beta-Smad2 signaling pathway: role of transient receptor potential vanilloid type 1 channels.Journal of hypertension, , 28 (2 ) ,367-76 More Information

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Honors and Awards

2010 Northwestern Cardiovascular Young Investigators Forum Finalist Chicago, IL - Role of Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid Channels in Cardiac Function and Cardioprotection

2009 Ignacio Chavez Award Oral Presentation - XXII Congreso Interamericano de Cardiologia - Interamerican Congress of Cardiology - Puerto Rico - Statin Therapy Decreases Myocardial Function as Evaluated Via Strain Rate Imaging

2010 Travel Award Prize SCR/MWAFMR Moderated Poster Presentation - Chicago, IL - Transient Receptor Postential Vanilloid 2 (TRPV2) Stimulation is Cardioprotective

2009 First Prize Award for Oral Presentation 4th Annual Lansing Research Day- Lansing, Michigan - Statin Therapy Decreases Myocardial Function as Evaluated via Strain Rate Imaging - Rubinstein J, Aloka F, Abela GS

2008 First Prize 20th Annual Conference of the Michigan Chapter of the American College of Cardiology - Traverse City, Michigan - Cholesterol Crystals Cause Endothelial Damage and Impair Vasoreactivity - Gadeela N, Rubinstein J, Huang R, Abela GS

2008 Finalist Northwestern Cardiovascular Young Investigators Forum - Chicago, IL - Computerized Tomography can Estimate Myocardial Cholesterol Content: A Novel Approach to Evaluate Myocardial Function

2008 First Prize Award Oral Presentation - 3rd Annual Lansing Research Day - Lansing Michigan - Cardioprotective Effect of Ezetimbe After Thrombus Triggering in an Atheroscelortic Model


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Academic - Medical Sciences Building
231 Albert Sabin Way, MLC 0542
CincinnatiĀ  Ohio, 45267
Phone: (513) 558-3062