Alok Sahay

Alok Sahay

Professor of Clinical

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Cincinnati, Ohio 45219-0525

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3113 Bellevue Avenue
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Bachelor's Degree, SMS Medical College 1984

Medical Degree, SMS Medical College 1989

Positions and Work Experience

2001 -2008 Assistant Professor of Neurology, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

2008 -2014 Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

2014 - Professor of Neurology, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

1988 -1989 Medical Specialist, Bhopal Gas Relief Dept, Government of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal, India

1989 -1990 Registrar - Neurology, Bombay Hospital & Research Center, Mumbai, India

1990 -1996 Consultant Physician, Bhopal, India

Research and Practice Interests

Clinical Focus





American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (Neurology)


Research Support

Grant: #5-25250 / R01 NS037167 Investigators:Sahay, Alok 02-02-2004 -11-30-2009 National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Parkinson Disease Collaborative Study of Genetic Linkage, PROGENI Role:PI $33,375.00 Closed Level:Federal

Grant: #089 / U01 NS 50324 Investigators:Sahay, Alok 12-01-2007 -11-30-2011 National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Effects of Coenzyme Q10 in Parkinson's Disease-Phase 3 (QE3) Role:PI $110,407.00 Closed Level:Federal

Grant: #60022880 UC Investigators:Sahay, Alok 05-01-2009 -11-29-2011 Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research A Pilot Phase II Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Dosage Finding and Tolerability Study of Isradipine CR as a Disease Modifying Agent in Patients with Early Parkinson's Disease Role:PI $49,217.00 Closed Level:Private Non-Profit

Grant: #SRS 006658 Investigators:Sahay, Alok 10-09-2009 -10-08-2010 Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research Supplemental to Clinical Trial for CoQ Role:PI $2,016.00 Closed Level:Private Non-Profit

Grant: #60036745 UCC \ U01NS080818 Investigators:Sahay, Alok 08-01-2014 -03-31-2019 National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Safety, Tolerability, and Efficacy Assessment of Isradipine for Parkinson's Disease - STEADY-PD 3 Role:PI $37,375.00 Awarded Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

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Electronic Journal

Alberto J Espay, Alok Sahay and Fredy J. Revilla (2006. ) Palilalia in Parkinsonism: localizable to the globus pallidus? .J Neurol Neurosugery Psychiatry eLetters for Owens and Okum , 75 (9 ) ,

Shoulson I, Lang A E, Bozyczko-Coyne D on behalf of Parkinson Study Group – PRECEPT Investigators (2008. ) Mixed lineage kinase inhibitor CEP-1347 fails to delay disability in early Parkinson disease .Neurology , 71 (6 ) ,

Additional Publications

Post Graduate Training and Education

1984-1985 Rotating Housemanship, SMS Medical College and Attached Hospitals, , Jaipur, India

1985-1988 Resident, Medicine, SMS Medical College and Attached Hospitals, , Jaipur, India

1996-1997 Resident Intern - PGY-1, Medicine (preliminary), The Christ Hospital, , Cincinnati, Ohio

1997-2000 Resident - Neurology, PGY-2,3,4, University of Cincinnati, , Cincinnati, Ohio

2000-2001 Fellow - Movement Disorders, PGY-5, Oregon Health Sciences University, , Portland, Oregon

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1998 -To Present: American Medical Association,

1998 -To Present: American Academy of Neurology,

2000 -To Present: Movement Disorder Society,

2002 -To Present: Parkinson Study Group,

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