Arti Sandhu

Arti Sandhu

Associate Professor

Aronoff Center

DAAP School of Design - 0016

Professional Summary

Arti Sandhu is currently an Associate Professor in the Fashion Program, in the School of Design at DAAP. Prior to this she taught at Columbia College Chicago and Massey University, New Zealand. Originally from India, she studied Fashion Design at N.I.F.T. (New Delhi) and received her Masters in Fashion and Textiles from Nottingham Trent University (U.K.).
Her research is centered on contemporary Indian fashion and related design culture. She is the author of Indian Fashion: Tradition, Innovation, Style (Bloomsbury Academic, 2014). She has also published articles on dress and the Indian Diaspora in New Zealand, Indian Streetstyle, the contemporary Indian catwalk, and Indian drag queens. Arti is currently working on research projects relating to the growing discourse around decolonizing fashion studies, the role craft can play in fashioning sustainable design practices and overall well being, and a digital ethnography on social media saree groups.

In addition to her academic research, Arti's artworks, which explore identity and migration, have been exhibited in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, the Netherlands, and India. She is also the fashion contributor for Arts Illustrated magazine (Chennai) and writes an online column for the digital fashion publication the Voice of Fashion.



Peer Reviewed Publications

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Published Books

Arti Sandhu (2014. )Indian Fashion: Tradition, Innovation, Style .London, New York ,Bloomsbury Academic

Book Chapter

Arti Sandhu (2018 )Streetstyle vs. Style on the Street? Two Definitions of Indian Street Fashion South Asian Youth Culture and Fashion .IB Taurus



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