Vincent Sansalone

Vincent F. Sansalone , M.Arch

Assoc Professor - Educator

Assistant Professor, M.Arch Program Coordinator

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DAAP School of Arch & Interior Design - 0016

Professional Summary

“Where to start”? This is a question I ask myself now, as I sit at my computer looking at a blank sheet of digital paper. It is a question asked by students of every age when faced with a challenge. So what is the answer?  As an educator and artist, my answer is that there isn’t one answer, but rather, just the question which requires investigation and for me, investigation begins with the hand of the maker. The maker is imaginative, inventive, and innovative. The maker is the lover of the how-to. Making is an infinite game and the maker is the player who plays simply for the pleasure of process, understanding, and the made object.
My love of process, understanding, and the made object comes directly from the doing. I discovered that I loved doing at a very early age. I was raised in a family of eight children. The environment was structured, yet we were given independence and freedom of inquiry. In my world, the pursuit of knowledge and creative expression was not only encouraged, but fostered. As child number four, I was the tinkerer, the maker, the creative one. I had three older siblings to follow, learn from, and compete with. I also shared the responsibility of mentoring, modeling, and competing with child numbers five, six, seven, and eight. We were taught discipline, respect, individuality, and community, principles key to building well-rounded, thoughtful people.
Department 7 is where I conduct my own creative research. Currently, my work is focused on large format oil paintings and related three-dimensional, sculptural works. Mainly I am focused on exploring surface. My own studio practice is where I can explore concepts, make discoveries, and experiment with materiality and methodology. My studio practice feeds my academic interests, pursuits, and pedagogy. Much of my work is intuitive and process-driven and it forms an empirical base of understanding of the materials and concepts that underlie art, architecture, and design. My co-founders and I have been invited to enter work into two competitions. So far, the founding group has entered a total of three, highly conceptual works into local an national competitions.
At the center of what some might call my “constructivist” teaching philosophy and practice at the University of Cincinnati are those principles of my upbringing combined with my education at Rhode Island school of Design and Cranbrook Academy of Art, two institutions known for boundless creative exploration, intellectual and artistic individuality, and collaborative studio practices. I've enjoyed applying my teaching philosophy and practice at the University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP), School of Architecture and Interior Design (SAID) and I believe my students have benefitted from it.


Masters of Architecture: Cranbrook Academy of Art Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, 2001

Bachelor of Architecture: Rhode Island School of Design Providence, Rhode Island, 1989

Bachelor of Fine Arts: Rhode Island School of Design Providence, Rhode Island, 1988

Study in Architecture and Interior Design: University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio, 1984

Study in Architecture: Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, Illinois, 1981

Research and Practice Interests

Art, Architecture and Design Foundation
Drawing and Painting
Three Dimensional / Space Making
Conceptual Thinking and Visual Culture

Positions and Work Experience

2008 -To Present Assistant Professor of Education, School of Architecture and Interior Design (SAID), College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

2004 -2008 Visiting Assistant Professor, SAID, College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

2003 - Adjunct Professor Architecture, University of Detroit-Mercy, Detroit, Michigan

2003 - Adjunct Professor Architecture, SAID, College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

2001 -2002 Adjunct Professor Architecture, Lawrence Technological University, Detroit, Michigan

2000 - Adjunct Professor Architecture, Co-Taught with Amy Dienes, University of Detroit-Mercy, Detroit, Michigan

2000 -2001 Teaching Assistant, Architecture, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Research Support

Investigators:McInturf, Michael; Sansalone, Vincent 10-15-2023 -12-15-2023 Procter & Gamble Company P&G Future Workpspaces Role:Collaborator 55911.94 Hold Level:Industry

Honors and Awards

2012 DAAP Outstanding Service Award

2011 The Darwin T. Turner Scholars Program, Faculty Recognition Award

2008 The Darwin T. Turner Scholars Program, Faculty Recognition Award

2007 Volunteer of the Year, Birmingham Bloomfield Arts Center, Michigan

2004 Detroit Home, Overall Residence, 1st Place Award, Detroit, Michigan

2003 Masco, Michigan Fine Arts Competition, 1st Place, Michigan

2002 Newhouse Award, Michigan Drawing Bieenial, 3rd Place, Michigan

2000 Zonar Award, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

1998 Baccus Glass Competition, Honorable Mention

Student Advising

Ball, Ryan Advisor 2012

Hope, Travis Advisor 2012

Kung, Caleb Advisor 2012

Plichta, Megan Advisor 2012

Shafer, Claire Advisor 2012

Tabet, Gael Advisor 2012

Ali, Sarosh Chair 2011

Carlson, Stephanie Chair 2011

Dahlman, Alexandra Chair 2011

Fein, Zach Chair 2011

Hogg, Kelly Chair 2011

Langenberg, Kristen Chair 2011

Pope, Barrington Chair 2011

Reising, Natasha Chair 2011

Roush, Emily Chair 2011

Saltzman, Adam Chair 2011

Sashi, Tippu Chair 2011

Beighle, Kory Co-Chair 2011

Brown, Keith Co-Chair 2011

Malpani, Czaee Co-Chair 2011

Cottengim, Sean Chair 2009

Downs, Marco Chair 2009

Eberhardt, Sarah Chair 2009

Faehnle, Amanda Chair 2009

Hoebbel, John Chair 2009

O'Connell, David Chair 2009

Parrot, Jordan Chair 2009

Raun, Truitt Chair 2009

Richards, Catherine Chair 2009

Schreur, Kevin Chair 2009

Stoughton, John Chair 2009

Tallos, Gregory Chair 2009

Everett, Brittney Co-Chair 2009

Fleming, David Co-Chair 2009

Morgan, Nate Co-Chair 2009

Ringley, Brian Co-Chair 2009

Andrews, Abby Chair 2008

Burns, Keith Chair 2008

Hamaker, Whitney Chair 2008

Kong, Chern Chiat Chair 2008

Krakovich, Lina Chair 2008

Papa, Jason Chair 2008

Rabe, Justin Chair 2008

Varghese, Jenson Chair 2008

Young, Jessalyn Chair 2008

Ziola, Zachary Chair 2008

Dritz, Emily Co-Chair 2008

Finke, Tara Co-Chair 2008

Germann, Nick Co-Chair 2008

Mutchler, Mattew Co-Chair 2008

Rudary, Thomas Co-Chair 2008

Yokel, William Co-Chair 2008

Gergely, Karen Advisor 2009

Cowen, Aaron Advisor 2009

Lofton, Susan Advisor 2011

Germann, Nick Advisor 2011

Shipe, Rebbeca Advisor 2012

Courses Taught

Design Lab 1, 2, 3

Documentation Lab


Architecture Studio

Design Studio

Graduate Elective Studio

Graduate Topic Seminar

Thesis Studio

Foundation 3D Design (School of Design)