Rachel Saunders

Rachel Mae Saunders

Assistant Professor

Teachers College


CECH Human Services - 0068

Professional Summary

Dr. Rachel Saunders is a tenure track Assistant Professor of Counseling. As a former professional school counselor, her research interests focus on the role of K-12 school counselors in relation to multicultural acceptance and promoting an inclusive school environment. She also focuses her research on training for counselors in cultural responsiveness and social justice advocacy work in academic, career, and social/emotional development for all students. She has additional experience working with adolescents in juvenile detention centers and served as a Research Assistant throughout her doctoral program supporting research on the transition of veterans into higher education. 


Doctor of Philosophy: The University of North Carolina at Charlotte 2020 (Counselor Education and Supervision)

Master of Arts: The University of North Carolina at Charlotte 2014 (School Counseling)

Bachelor of Science: The College of Brockport 2011 (Psychology)


Peer Reviewed Publications

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