Tom Seegar

Tom Conrad Maugans Seegar , PhD

Assistant Professor

Cardiovascular Rsrch Cntr

COM Mol Gen Seegar Lab - 0524

Professional Summary

I am broadly interested in understanding how cells communicate and interpret the extracellular environment in normal and pathological conditions. In particular, I aim to investigate the universal concepts that underpin the function of membrane tethered proteases, such as the molecular basis for substrate selectivity, association with accessory proteins and regulation.

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Ph.D.: Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, Virginia, 2010

Post-Doc: Harvard Medical School Boston, Massachussets, 2020

Post-Doc: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA, 2013

Positions and Work Experience

- Post-Doc, Harvard University, Boston, Massachussets


Peer Reviewed Publications

Susa, Katherine J; Seegar, Tom CM; Blacklow, Stephen C; Kruse, Andrew C (2020. ) A dynamic interaction between CD19 and the tetraspanin CD81 controls B cell co-receptor trafficking.eLife, , 9 , More Information

Adhikari, Arijit A; Seegar, Tom C M; Ficarro, Scott B; McCurry, Megan D; Ramachandran, Deepti; Yao, Lina; Chaudhari, Snehal N; Ndousse-Fetter, Sula; Banks, Alexander S; Marto, Jarrod A; Blacklow, Stephen C; Devlin, A Sloan (2020. ) Development of a covalent inhibitor of gut bacterial bile salt hydrolases.Nature chemical biology, , 16 (3 ) ,318-326 More Information

Seegar, Tom CM; Blacklow, Stephen C (2019. ) Domain integration of ADAM family proteins: Emerging themes from structural studies.Experimental biology and medicine (Maywood, N.J.), , 244 (17 ) ,1510-1519 More Information

Jarrett, Sanchez M; Seegar, Tom C M; Andrews, Mark; Adelmant, Guillaume; Marto, Jarrod A; Aster, Jon C; Blacklow, Stephen C (2019. ) Extension of the Notch intracellular domain ankyrin repeat stack by NRARP promotes feedback inhibition of Notch signaling.Science signaling, , 12 (606 ) , More Information

Rogers, Julia M; Waters, Colin T; Seegar, Tom C M; Jarrett, Sanchez M; Hallworth, Amelia N; Blacklow, Stephen C; Bulyk, Martha L (2019. ) Bispecific Forkhead Transcription Factor FoxN3 Recognizes Two Distinct Motifs with Different DNA Shapes.Molecular cell, , 74 (2 ) ,245-253.e6 More Information

Seegar, Tom C M; Killingsworth, Lauren B; Saha, Nayanendu; Meyer, Peter A; Patra, Dhabaleswar; Zimmerman, Brandon; Janes, Peter W; Rubinstein, Eric; Nikolov, Dimitar B; Skiniotis, Georgios; Kruse, Andrew C; Blacklow, Stephen C (2017. ) Structural Basis for Regulated Proteolysis by the ?-Secretase ADAM10.Cell, , 171 (7 ) ,1638-1648.e7 More Information

McMillan, Brian J; Tibbe, Christine; Drabek, Andrew A; Seegar, Tom C M; Blacklow, Stephen C; Klein, Thomas (2017. ) Structural Basis for Regulation of ESCRT-III Complexes by Lgd.Cell reports, , 19 (9 ) ,1750-1757 More Information

Zimmerman, Brandon; Kelly, Brendan; McMillan, Brian J; Seegar, Tom C M; Dror, Ron O; Kruse, Andrew C; Blacklow, Stephen C (2016. ) Crystal Structure of a Full-Length Human Tetraspanin Reveals a Cholesterol-Binding Pocket.Cell, , 167 (4 ) ,1041-1051.e11 More Information

Contact Information

231 Albert Sabin Way
CincinnatiĀ  Ohio, 45267
Phone: 513-558-4351