Anna Maria Senuysal

Graduate Assistant

Professional Summary

Anna-Maria Senuysal is a fifth-year candidate in the dual PhD program at the Universities of Cincinnati and Duisburg Essen. Her dissertation project is an anamnesis of Enlightenment thought in 21st century art - an inquiry of the state of enlightenment against the backdrop of current debates around the anthro-, techno- or capitalocene that inquires whether it is possible for art to think and conceptualize forms of being and thinking beyond enlightenment and anthropocentrism. In terms of specific research endeavors, she is also interested in the concept of Verrückung (dislocation) as a deterritorializing textual movement in dramatic texts. Currently, she is working on a multi-venue project on Milo Rau - Political Theatre of the Future? together with Tanja Nusser and Teresa Kovacs.

Broader interests include late 18th to early 19th century German literature, drama theory, movement and migration in the 21st century, and the intersection of (post-)colonialism and ecology, or ecology-as-intersectionality.

"Counterarchives, Appropriation and the Disobedient Gaze: Archival Structures in Ursula Biemann’s Contained Mobility and Charles Heller’s & Lorenzo Pezzani’s Death by Rescue", TRANSIT vol. 13, no. 2, University of Berkeley California, 2022.

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co-edited with Mareike Lange: focus on German Studies. Special Issue: Spielformen des Authentischen. Vol. 27. University of Cincinnati, 2020.

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