Samuel B Sherrill

Associate Professor Emeritus

DAA Addition

Professional Summary

Sam Sherrill is currently completing Harvesting Urban Timber (Linden Press), a book that describes how better use can be made of urban trees that are otherwise discarded in landfills. At present, the equivalent of about 30 percent of the nation's annual consumption of hardwoods enters the solid waste stream of cities and metropolitan areas as green waste. Much of this is recoverable wood that is lost at a cost compounded by the expense of hauling and dumping. In the coming years, Professor Sherrill will be working with the USDA Forest Service, municipal governments, urban park boards, trade groups, and citizen groups on developing community-based harvesting urban timber (HUT) programs. On this subject, he has published, been the subject of numerous articles, given invited talks before professional and trade groups, responded to hundreds of inquiries from individuals and organizations about using urban trees, and has appeared on national television (PBS) twice to describe and encourage this effort. Professor Sherrill has also conducted research using computer-based visualization techniques on the construction of Mayan cities, lectured on computer-based data collection in Brazil and Australia, is the recipient of two NSF equipment awards, has been a visiting professor at M.I.T., received an IPA Fellowship to work for a year at the Federal Trade Commission, and was the moderator for a series of lectures on Thomas Jefferson at the Smithsonian Institution. He is a lifelong amateur woodworker. Most recently, he and his son, Carey, completed nineteen commissioned pieces all made from a single 500-year-old bur oak.

Research and Practice Interests

Scientific Visualization Program and Policy Evaluation Quantitative and Research Methods Computer Applications in Planning Economic Methods Economic Valuation of Urban Forests