Jing Shi

Jing Shi


Old Chemistry Building


CEAS - Mechanical Eng - 0072


Ph.D., Purdue University West Lafayette, Ind., 2004 (Industrial Engineering)

Ph.D., University of Science and Technology Beijing, China, 1998 (Materials Engineering)

B.E., University of Science and Technology Beijing, China, 1992 (Materials Engineering)

Research Support

Grant: #CMMI-1746147 Investigators:Shi, Jing 09-01-2017 -08-31-2019 National Science Foundation EAGER: External Magnetic Field Assisted Laser Metal Deposition of Highly Oriented Crystalline Nickel Alloys Role:PI $75,000.00 Closed Level:Federal

Grant: #2018 Master Agreement DD Lab Investigators:Lee, Jay; Shi, Jing 04-16-2018 -04-15-2023 DD Lab Corp A Proposal for Establishing UC-DDLC Center for Smart Additive Manufacturing Role:PI $.00 Active Level:Industry

Grant: #2018 DD Lab Corp Task Orders Investigators:Lee, Jay; Shi, Jing 05-31-2018 -06-01-2023 DD Lab Corp A Proposal for Establishing UC-DDLC Center for Smart Additive Manufacturing Role:PI $1,640,394.00 Active Level:Industry


Peer Reviewed Publications

Wang Y.;Shi J.;Liu Y. (09-01-2019. )Competitive grain growth and dendrite morphology evolution in selective laser melting of Inconel 718.Journal of Crystal Growth, ,521 ,15-29

Wu X.;Su Y.;Shi J. (08-12-2019. )Perspective of additive manufacturing for metamaterials development.Smart Materials and Structures, ,28 (9 ),

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Zhu X.;Shi J.;Huang S.;Zhang B. (02-01-2020. )Consensus-oriented cloud manufacturing based on blockchain technology: An exploratory study.Pervasive and Mobile Computing, ,62 ,

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