Kristina Shin

Kristina Shin

Asst Professor

Aronoff Center

DAAP School of Design - 0016

Professional Summary

Dr Kristina Shin's research consists of 1) creative fashion design and 2) inclusive design. For the former, she shares a story through garments that are aesthetically pleasing and providing the perfect fit. For the latter, she searches for innovative solutions to real world challenges including post-mastectomy product design (i.e., mastectomy bra & prosthesis) for breast cancer survivors, compression garment design for sports performance, and hydrotherapy product design for rehabilitation. Dr Shin enjoys working with experts in other disciplines as they offer ample opportunities to view research questions from new perspectives.

Dr Shin is an intimate apparel/underwear specialist and she is currently editing a fashion design journal entitled ‘International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education’ as Editor-in-Chief. 


PhD: University of Northumbria Newcastle, UK, 2009 (Fashion Design)

MA: California State University Los Angeles , 2001 (Fashion Merchandising)

BA: ChungNam National University Korea, 1994 (Fashion Design)


Peer Reviewed Publications

Shi, Q.Q., Shin, K.*, Chow, H.K., Jiao, J., So, B.C.L., Lau, N. Chung, C., & Leung, K. (2021. ) Influences of compression cycling skinsuit on energy consumption of amateur male cyclists.Textile Research Journal, , April 12, 2021 , More Information

Chow, C.S.W., Shin, K., Wang, F., So, B.C.L. (2021. ) An ergonomic evaluation of three load carriage systems for reducing muscle activity of trunk and lower extremities during giant puppet performing task .Open Science Index: Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, , 15 (3 ) ,113-140

Leung, K., Shin, K.*, & Han, F. (2021. ) Ergonomic Mastectomy Bra Design: Effect on Core Body Temperature and Thermal Comfort performance. Applied Ergonomics.Applied Ergonomics, , 90 , More Information

Shin, K.*, Leung, K. Han, F. & Jiao, J. (2020. ) Thermal and Moisture Control Performance of Different Mastectomy Bras and External Breast Prostheses.Textile Research Journal, , 90 (7-8 ) ,824-837 More Information

Shin, K.*, Ganotice, A.*, Downing, K., Yip, L.W., Han, F., Yeo, W., Suen, J.S., Lee, K.M., Soong, I., Wong, K.Y., Kwok, C., & Leung, K. (2016. ) Profile of Mood States and Quality of Life of Chinese Post Mastectomy Women in Hong Kong: Integrating Variable-and Person-Centered Approaches.Health care for women international, , 37 (8 ) ,906-921 More Information

Han, F., Shin, K. & Chow, D. (2015. ) User centred design approach for hydrotherapy wetsuit.International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education, , 9 (1 ) ,16-22 More Information

So, W.K.W., Chan, D.N.S., Lou, Y., Choi, K.C., Chan, C.W.H., Shin, K., Kwong, A., Lee, D.T.F. (2015. ) Brassiere wearing and breast cancer risk: A systematic review and meta-analysis.World Journal of Meta-Analysis, , 3 (4 ) ,193-205 More Information

Shi, Q.Q., Jiao, J., Shin, K., Chow, B.C.L. & Lau, N. (2023. ) Study of Skin Deformation in the Amateur Male Cyclists for Compression Cycling Skinsuit .Textile Research Journal , ,

Published Books

Shin, K. (2015. ) Patternmaking for Underwear Design 2nd edition .Seattle , Createspace

Patents and Inventions

CN105983169B. Adaptive Hydrotherapy Wetsuit. Shin, K. & Han, F. , Awarded 05-07-2021

CN210472899U. Foldable and Multifunctional Hydrotherapy Device. Shin, K., Han, F. & So, B.C.L., Awarded 05-08-2020

CN105266926B. Heat reduction breast prosthetic device. Shin, K., Han, F. & Downing, K., Awarded 10-19-2017

CN105286101B. Garment clip for breast prosthesis. Shin, K., Han, F. & Downing, K., Awarded 05-03-2017