Oleksandr Shumeiko

Oleksandr Shumeiko

Medical Resident/Fellow

Professional Summary

Personal Statement
My interest in medicine dates back to my junior high school years when I was enthralled reading books such as “Arrowsmith” by Sinclair Lewis, “The Citadel” by Archibald Cronin, and “A Young Doctor’s Notebook” by Mikhail Bulgakov. At that point, I knew little about real medicine, but this sparked my teenage interest, and I progressed to spending my free time during my high school years volunteering in medical and nursing settings. In June 2008 I spent a summer volunteering as a nurse in the palliative care department at Bogomolets National Medical University hospital and I saw firsthand a privilege is to see people with terminal illnesses spending their last days with dignity and with their suffering alleviated. That eye-opening experience made me realize the impact of healthcare providers through the selfless service of the medical team has on patient's lives and the importance of providing comfort and hope, even if there is no medical cure. A similar insight I had in my second year of medical school when rotating in ICU, with a lot of responsibilities both terrifying and exciting, I was taking care of a patient who was recovering after surgery for Crohn's disease. She had no family around and was in despair and could not sleep. We all provided the necessary treatment, and by staying through the night at her bedside, I have seen the importance of being present close to patients at the most vulnerable times. Internal medicine gives me unique exposure to different medical conditions and gives me opportunities to develop strong relationships with patients. I believe that now, 4 years after graduating from medical school in Ukraine, I will be able to carry my teenage bookworm passion for medicine through continuing my career in the United States. After residency, I plan to pursue a career in academic medicine, making a difference for my patients, junior trainees, and the research community.

Why I Chose Cincinnati
UC internal medicine has unique combinations of a close-knit community, a feeling of camaraderie, innovative medical education improvements and leadership in medical training. From the very first meeting with residents and Dr. Warm I was absolutely convinced that UC is the place to which I belong and where I can grow as a professional and as a personality.


MD: O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University