Krista Sigler

Krista Sigler

Associate Professor

Muntz 275A, UC Blue Ash
9555 Plainfield Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
Phone 5135586848

Professional Summary

Chair of the Department of History, Philosophy, and Political Science. Research interests include the cultural history of late imperial and early Soviet Russia, as well as scholarship of teaching and learning.


PhD: University of Cincinnnati Cincinnati, Ohio, 2009 (Major Field: Modern Europe (with a focus on Russia) Minors: Early Modern Europe, Gothic Literature)

Herzen State Pedalogical Institute St. Petersburg, Russia, 2003 (Russian language)


Peer Reviewed Publications

Krista Sigler (2015. ) Visualizing the World: Cinema’s Use in the World History Survey .The Middle Ground: World History and Global Studies , , (10 ) , -1-24

Krista Sigler (2017. ) Improving Textbook Reading Assessment in History Courses: A Case Study of Learning Blogs vs. Quizzes .The Journal for Research and Practice in College Teaching, , 2 (1 ) ,

Book Chapter

Krista Sigler (2012 ) National Fantasies: Mathilde Kshesinskaia, a Polish Russian Russia’s People of Empire: Life Stories from Eurasia, 1500 to the Presen .Bloomington, Indiana, Indiana University Press


Paper Presentations

Krista Sigler (09-09-2016. ) "Revolutions and Remembering: Family, War, and Gender in the Autobiographies of Russian Émigré Noblewomen, 1920-1950," University of Southern Mississippi Dale Center for the Study of War and Society Conference, "Waging Peace." .New Orleans.

Krista Sigler (04-02-2017. ) "Remembering Revolution: Russian Noblewomen and Popular Representations of the Russian Revolution, 1920-1950," at Ray Browne Conference on Cultural and Critical Studies .Bowling Green State University.

Krista Sigler (01-06-2012. ) "iEducation: Tradition and Technology in the Classroom" at the American Historical Association Annual Meeting .Chicago, Illinois.

Krista Sigler (10-12-2016. ) "Improving Textbook Reading Assessment in History Courses: A Case Study of Learning Blogs vs. Quizzes," Learning & Teaching at University of Cincinnati Conference .UC.

Courses Taught

-HIST-1003 WLD HIST I Level:Undergraduate

-HIST-1004 WLDHISTII Level:Undergraduate

-HIST-1005 EURO HIST I Level:Undergraduate

-HIST-1006 EURO HIST II Level:Undergraduate

-HIST-2009 HIST RUSSIA Level:Undergraduate

-EUST-1001 INTRO EURO STUDIES Level:Undergraduate

Europe, 1400-1750: Wives, Witches and War

Contact Information

Academic - Muntz 275A, UC Blue Ash
9555 Plainfield Avenue
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45236
Phone: 5135586848