Zachary Smith

Zachary Smith

Medical Resident/Fellow

Professional Summary

Personal Statement
Internal medicine allowed me to see patients as complete individuals rather than the sum of individual pathologies. For example, my patient’s kidney injury influenced anticoagulation, which influenced his disposition, which in turn influenced management of his kidney injury and the type of facility we sent him home to. Even the sub-specialists with whom I worked practiced medicine with a comprehensive lens. In college, I created my own interdisciplinary major. Before that, I won the Florida high school history fair competition with a project focusing on McDonald’s impact on real estate. Medicine, with its breadth and complexity, imbues the interconnectedness that has been central to my life. No other field highlighted my commitment to scientific knowledge and appreciation of the interrelationships between science, disease, and patient care. I look forward to providing compassionate care to patients with complex disease or general health maintenance. As my clinical experience progresses, I plan to contribute to the field of medicine through healthcare policy, hopefully focusing on the delivery of cost-effective, evidence-based hospital care.

Why I Chose Cincinnati
Cincinnati is where I learned to love medicine. Starting from the first day of my third-year internal medicine clerkship, every attending, resident, or other staff I interacted with cared about fostering a supportive, friendly environment to learn and maximize my potential as a physician. The UC internal medicine team has already galvanized my growth over 2 years of medical school. I trust that I will become the curious, compassionate physician I desire to be after three additional years under their expert tutelage. 


MD: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine