Kerith Spicknall

Kerith Spicknall , MD

Adjunct Associate Professor

Medical Sciences Building
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267
Phone 513-558-6242


Medical Degree: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine 2005

Internship: University of California San Diego 2006 (Internal Medicine)

Residency: Wayne State University 2009 (Dermatology)

Fellowship: University of Cincinnati School of Medicine 2010 (Dermatopathology)

Bachelor's Degree: St. Mary's College of Maryland St. Mary's City, MD, 1997 (Psychology)


American Board of Dermatology (Certification Date: 08-07-2009 )

American Board of Dermatopathology (Certification Date: 09-02-2010 )

Clinical Interests



Acne (Blackheads)

Cutaneous Lymphoma


Non Melanoma, Skin Cancer






Research and Practice Interests


Research Support

Grant: #OS00000750-401017 / EBRP-ALucky Investigators:Spicknall, Kerith 01-01-2024 -12-31-2024 EB Research Partnership Evaluation of Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa: Clinical, Molecular, and Pathologic Characteristics and Outcomes Role:PI 7536.00 Hold Level:Non Profit


Peer Reviewed Publications

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Academic - Medical Sciences Building
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45267
Phone: 513-558-6242