Prateek  Srivastava

Prateek Raj Srivastava

Graduate Assistant

735F Steger's Center
Cincinnati, Ohio 45220

Professional Summary

Prateek Raj (preferred)  is a student in the Ph.D program in the School of Public and International Affairs and an MA in Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies student at the University of Cincinnati. His subfields are International Relations and Comparative Politics, along with a doctoral concentration in Feminist Comparative International Politics.

Prateek is a recent graduate of an Adv.Masters of Science in Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies and an Msc in International Politics, both from KU Leuven (Belgium), and completed his Bachelor's of Arts with Honors in International Affairs from the University of Cincinnati. Prateek’s research interests are political mobilization, women’s and youth movements, protests, and the political economy of resistance in post-war societies, especially Sri Lanka.

His ongoing research for his doctoral degree looks at Women headed households with disappeared people, gendered resistance and militarization in post-war Sri Lanka. He is interested in exploring how the state, military, and capitalism affect women’s resistance in post-war Sri Lanka and touches deeply on the politics of remembrance, memory, and feminist solidarity in Sri Lanka. This research will be an ethnographic account, gather oral history narratives from various partcipants, and in-depth archival research in Sri Lanka. He is the recipient of the prestigious Taft Summer Fellowship, which is generously supporting Prateek's fieldwork in Sri Lanka in summer 2022.

If you are interested in knowing more about Prateek’s research and ongoing projects, please reach out to him at: 

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BA International Affairs : University of Cincinnati Cincinnati OH , 2019

MSc International Politics : KU Leuven Leuven, Belgium, 2020 (International Politics, Peace and Conflict Research, Development Politics.)

Advanced MSc Cultural Anthropology & Development Studies : KU Leuven Leuven, Belgium, 2021 (Cultural Anthropology, Media Anthropology, Ethnographic Methods, Race and Religion. )

Masters of Arts - WGSS : University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, USA , 2022 (Transnational Feminist, Post-War Sri Lanka, Militarization, Disappearances, Protests)

Ph.D. - Political Science: School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Cincinnati. Cincinnati, OH , 2022 (International Relations and Comparative Politics, Feminist Comparative International Politics. )

Research and Practice Interests

Digital Cultures, Politics, Nationalism, Protests and Social Movements, Feminism, Post-war societies, South Asia, Sri Lanka, India. 

Research Support

Investigators:Prateek Srivastava 05-08-2022 -08-07-2022 Taft Research Center, University Of Cincinnati Taft Graduate Summer Fellowship Award Role:PI $3000 Completed Type:Grant Level:International

Investigators:Prateek Srivastava 09-15-2022 -09-19-2022 Taft Research Center, University Of Cincinnati Graduate Student Travel Award $500 Pending Type:Grant Level:National

Courses Taught

Gender and Political Justice Level:Undergraduate

Global Sexualities Level:Both

Contact Information

Academic - 735F Steger's Center
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45220