Peyton Stensland

Peyton Jo Stensland

Assistant Professor

Teachers College

CECH Human Services - 0068

Professional Summary

Dr. Peyton Jo Stensland is originally from a small farm town in Northeast Iowa. (Best corn in the United States.) She attended Iowa State University (GO CYCLONES) and Wartburg College where she worked for their respective womens basketball teams. After receiving her bachelors in sociology from Wartburg College, she completed her masters and doctorate in sport management from the University of Kansas. While at KU, she also worked in the Athletics Tickets Office where she furthered her intercollegiate athletics experience. Dr. Stensland’s research primarily explores the intersection of social, psychological, and cultural elements within a sport community utilizing various qualitative methodologies. Her dissertation focused on a sport community (recreational kickball league), and she conducted an ethnography to understand how culture was established, norms were accepted, and societal expectations were dispersed throughout the league. Other research interests include student-athlete development and effective teaching methods in higher education. These areas provide her opportunitites to connect with her past experiences in intercollegiate athletics as well as contribute to her passion of teaching. 

Positions and Work Experience

2019 - Present, Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati,

2017 -2019 Instructor, Baker University ,

2016 -2019 Instructor, University of Kansas,

2014 -2016 Athletics Ticket Office Representative, University of Kansas,

2012 -2015 Assistant Varsity & Head JV Softball Coach, Waverly-Shell Rock School District,

2011 -2013 Women's Basketball Manager, Iowa State University ,

2013 -2014 Women's Basketball Student Assistant Coach, Wartburg College,

Research Support

Investigators:Stensland, P.J. 02-2023 -12-2023 Office of Inclusive Excellence, CECH Diversity Grant Program, "Incivility in Sport Management Academia" Role:PI $2,500 Active Type:Grant


Peer Reviewed Publications

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Book Chapter

Stensland, P. J., & Kropp, D. C. (2022 ) Case Study- Experience UC: Evaluating Ticketing Strategies Prior to Conference Relocation. Advanced Theory and Practice in Sport Marketing (4th Ed.) .(pp. 114-116).Routledge

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Stensland, P. J. (2018 ) Community and Recreation Sport Introduction to Sport Management .Kendall Hunt Publishing


(UCSPAD-CPS Basketball All-Star Showcase ) Co-Coordinator

(UCSPAD Undergraduate Program ) Coordinator

(Minority Athletics Directors Association (MADA) & UCSPAD Events ) Co-Coordinator

(Sport Coaching Certificate ) Co-Coordinator

Society of Sport Leaders (UCSPAD Student Group) Faculty Coordinator

Courses Taught

-SMGT-1001 INTRO SPORT ADMIN Level:Undergraduate

Sport Public Relations Level:Undergraduate

Sport & Social Context Level:Graduate

Capstone in Athletic Administration Level:Graduate

Principles of Sport Coaching Level:Undergraduate