James Stever

James A. Stever , BA, MA, PhD


Professional Summary

Professor James A. Stever is widely published in professional journals. He is currently developing intergovernmental management models to combat terrorism. Stever is a member of two editorial boards: International Journal of Public Administration, and International Journal of Organizational Theory and Behavior. In addition to journal articles, he has published four books. These books are: Diversity and Order in State and Local Politics (University of South Carolina Press, 1980); Administering the New Federalism (Westview, 1986); The End of Public Administration, (Transnational Publishers, 1988); The Path to Organizational Skepticism, (Chatelaine Press, 2000). He was awarded the Laverne Burchfield Award for the Best Book Review in Public Administration Review in 1995 and 2002.


Ph.D.: Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana, 1974 (Intergovernmental Relations, Political Theory)

Bachelor of Arts: Greenville College Greenville, Illinois, 05-30-1965 (Political Science and History)

Master of Arts: Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana, 05-30-1972 (Poltical theory, American Politics)

Research and Practice Interests

Federalism, Security, and Intergovernmental Management:  Stever has written two books on the theory, philosophy, and issues surrounding American Federalism and intergovernmental management.  He completed a four-year study of how American presidents have attempted to manage and influence intergovernmental relations.  In connection with this study, he served as Senior Evaluator for the General Accounting Office at their headquarters in Washington, DC.  This involved concentrated research on the intergovernmental management reforms initiated by President Ronald Reagan, including interviews and archival research on decentralization initiatives by the Reagan Executive Office of the Presidency.  His article entitled The Growth and Decline of Executive Centered Intergovernmental Management (Publius, Vol. 23, 1993) presents the findings of this project.  He has also studied the intergovernmental management problems surrounding Operation Desert Storm.   His article, The Glass Firewall Between Military and Civil Administration, (Administration & Society 31, No. 1, March 1999, 28-49) traces the problems associated with intergovernmental management following the Gulf War.  His article Adapting Intergovernmental Management to the New Age of Terrorism (Administration & Society) considers the challenges of designing intergovernmental systems that provide security.

Positions and Work Experience

05-30-1988 - Professor, University of Cincinnati,

09-01-1998 -08-31-2003 Department Head: Department of Political Science, University of Cincinnati,

09-01-1981 -08-31-1988 MPA Director: Department of Political Science, University of Cincinnati,

09-01-1991 -08-31-1996 Graduate Director: Department of Political Science, University of Cincinnati,

09-01-2004 - Adjunct Professor: National Agricultural Biosecurity Center, Kansas State University,

Abbreviated Publications

Peer Reviewed Publications

The Cybersecurity Triad: Government, Private Sector Partners, and the Engaged Cybersecurity Citizen, Richard J. Harknett & James A. Stever.  (2009).   Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management . Volume 6, Issue 1, Article 79

A Security Preface to Twenty First Century Public Administration.  Administration & Society.  Volume 42, No. 3 (May, 2010): 287-314.

Cutting Edge or Reversion?  Administration and Society.  42, No. 1 (March 2010): 123-127.

In Press

The New Policy World of Cybersecurity.  Public Administration Review.  Richard Harknett and James A. Stever  Accepted for publication in Volume 71 (May/June, 2011).

Spying in America in the Post 9/11 World.  Ronald A. Marks. Praeger, 2010.  Reviewed in Choice


Invited Presentations

James A. Stever (02-18-2009. ) The Homeland Security Professional .Joint Meeting, Butler County Government Services Center. Other Institution. . Level:Local

James A. Stever (01-24-2011. ) Bureaucracy .American Government, Zimmer Auditorium. UC. . Level:University

James A. Stever (01-21-2010. ) 21st Century Security .Classroom, College of Engineering. UC. . Level:University

James A. Stever (04-22-2010. ) Effective Wildlife Management .Meeting of the Parks & Recreation Commission, Hamilton, Ohio. Other Institution. . Level:Local


James A. Stever (02-28-2011. ) Homeland Security .Zimmer Auditorium. UC. Level:Department

Honors and Awards

09-28-2007 Honors: Best 2007 Creative Program-Non Credit Award for Joint Critical Infrastructure Conference by University Continuing Education Association, September 28, 2007 University Continuing Education Association Status:Recipient Level:National Type:Recognition

08-01-2010 Community Service State Ohio Senate: Award for Outstanding Service 08/01/2009 08/31/2010 10U Status:Recipient Level:State Type:Recognition


(Faculty Senate Transition Committee ) Committee Member Type:University/College Service Level:College 06-30-2010 -10-30-2010

(A&S Faculty Senate ) Elected Member Type:University/College Service Level:College 09-30-2010 -08-31-2010

(A&S Head's Council ) Member Type:University/College Service Level:College 09-01-2009 -08-31-2011

(Acting Head ) Type:Departmental Service Level:Department 09-01-2009 -08-31-2011

Ohio Senate: Award for Outstanding Service Type:Community Service Level:State 08-01-2009 -08-31-2010

City of Hamilton, Ohio Type:Community Service Level:Local 08-01-2008 -08-31-2011


Political and Administrative Theory, American Government and Politics, Intergovernmental Relations.

Professional Affiliation

09-01-1995 -08-30-2010: Editorial Board International Journal of Organization Theory & Behavior

09-01-1994 -08-31-2011: Editorial Board International Journal of Public Administration

07-10-2010 -07-12-2010: Manuscript Reviewer International Journal of Public Administration "Bureaucratic Helpers in the Service of Disaster Relief--

12-20-2010 -12-24-2010: Reviewed Manuscript: Public Administration Review Self Provision of Public Services

Courses Taught




Emergency Management Policy & Administration Level:Both


Faculty Development Activities

11-20-2010 -11-20-2010 eprofessional workshop A&S Old Chem Type:Workshop