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Rolf Walter Stottmann , PhD

CCHMC R.1033
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Professional Summary

The long-term goals of our lab are to understand the genes and molecular mechanisms guiding development of the brain and face. We use animal models to identify genes required for normal development and then study the molecular consequences of disrupting their function in the developing embryo.

The mammalian forebrain contains millions of neurons making billions of connections. The cerebral cortex is the site of many higher-order functions in humans. During development of the cerebral cortex, neurons are born at the ventricular surface and migrate into the cortical plate where they differentiate, extend processes and make mature circuits within the brain and throughout the nervous system. The genetic regulation of cortical neuronal identity and migration is a major focus of the laboratory.

While structural brain defects affect a significant number of newborns each year (~15/10,000), more subtle defects in neuronal specification and migration also have drastic consequences. These include the intellectual disability disorders, autism, epilepsy and other neuropsychiatric disorders which can lead to lifelong suffering and disability. We hope to contribute to a greater understanding of the development of these brain malformations to inform a possible cure.


Bachelor's Degree: University of Maryland, College Park 1995 (Physiology and Neurobiology)

Master's Degree: University of Maryland, College Park 1997 (Developmental Neurobiology)

Doctoral Degree: Duke University School of Medicine Durham, NC, 2004 (Cell Biology)

Fellowship: Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical Schoo Boston, MA , 2011 (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)

Research and Practice Interests

Genetics, Developmental Biology, Mouse Models of Human Disease, Congenital Malformations, Neural Development, Craniofacial Development, Forward Genetics, Next Generation Sequencing, ENU Mutagenesis

Research Support

Grant: #R01NS085023 Investigators:Stottmann 05-15-2014 -04-30-2019 NINDS Forward Genetic Analysis of Congenital Defects in Cortical Circuits and Structure Role:PI 402996 Active Type:Grant Level:National


Peer Reviewed Publications

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