Annie Straka

Annie Louise Straka

Assoc Professor

Steger Student Life Cntr


Acad Aff Exp Based Learning/Career Educ - 0115

Professional Summary

Annie Straka is an Associate Professor of Experience-Based Learning and Career Education at the University of Cincinnati. She received her doctorate in Educational Studies with a focus on Educational and Community-Based Action Research (2018) and her masters in Communication (2010) at the University of Cincinnati, and earned her BA in Communication at the University of Kentucky (2010). Dr. Straka has interdisciplinary expertise in experiential learning, career development, and qualitative and action research methodologies. Her research interests focus on the relational aspects of teaching and learning with a focus on reflective pedagogy and adult development.

Research Support

Grant: #Ohio Means Internships and Co-ops (OMIC) (OMIC I) Investigators:Barlow, Lisa; Breslin, Paula; Cates, Cheryl; Cedercreutz, Claes Kettil; Clark, Willie; Collet, Jill; Cooper, Christopher; Fox, Marjorie; Hummeldorf, Stacey Lynn; Jefferson, Mina; Juran, Datina; Kotowski, Susan; Lockhart, Cynthia; Neff, Glenda; Nelson, Adison; Osborne, George; Osborne, Thomas; Straka, Ann; Tappel, James; Walters, William; Watson, Joy 01-01-2013 -06-30-2014 Ohio Board of Regents The Cincinnati Co-op and Internship Plan Role:Collaborator $1,822,373.00


Peer Reviewed Publications

Straka, A. (2019. ) Structuring Arts-Based Analysis in Portraiture Research .Qualitative Research Journal, , 20 (1 ) ,

Alanson, E. & Straka, A. (2019. ) Creating Co-op 2.0 On-Campus: An Accessible, Affordable Model for Meaningful, Paid Internships .Experience Magazine: Practice and Theory, , Spring 2019 ,

Other Publications

Straka, A., Clare, M. & Holstrom, L. (2019. ) Integrating career education across the liberal arts curriculum .Refereed Proceedings of the 21st WACE World Conference on Cooperative and Work-Integrated Education,

Courses Taught

Professionalism and Purpose

Professional Development for Graduate Students