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Joori Suh

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Professional Summary

Joori Suh is an Associate Professor of the School of Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Cincinnati. Her educational background includes an M.A. in Design and Environmental Analysis from Cornell University with concentration on Interior Design History, Theory, and Criticism, and a Ph.D. in Human Computer Interaction (homebase: architecture) from Iowa State University.
As an educator and researcher, Suh explores interdisciplinary study of design, theory, and technology that may leverage the understanding of human creativity and people’s interaction with the environment. Her human creativity related research aims at uncovering hidden variables embedded in the creative design process and problem solving skills: (1) process-focused creativity research in which she examines the potential use of design archetypes as seeds of ideas in the pre-ideation stage by integrating genetic algorithms and virtual environment technology; (2) cognitive psychology focused creativity research in which she investigates cognitive styles (adaptive, intuitive, and analytical) and spatial ability in relation to the creative design process. Her human- visuospatial interaction related research focuses multi-sensory aspects of human space interaction, visuospatial perception, optical illusion, understanding visuospatial interaction through the lens of neuroscience, virtual environment, and interactive space design.
Prior to joining University of Cincinnati, Suh taught Interior Design at Iowa State University. As a licensed interior designer (NCIDQ, LEED AP), she also practiced in interior design and architecture design firms in New York and Seoul, Korea for ten years. Her professional focus has been on exploring designer’s extensive role in shaping spaces in response to contemporary issues and challenges, as well as cultural, organizational, environmental, and social needs within various contexts. Project typologies have included educational facilities, libraries, retail, commercial, and residential spaces. 

Research Support

Grant: #Suh – URC research cost award March 2018 Investigators:Suh, Joori 05-01-2018 -06-30-2019 UC's University Research Council Suh- URC Faculty Research Cost Support Awards 2018 Role:PI $7,500.00 Active Level:Internal UC


Peer Reviewed Publications

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Other Publications

Suh, Joori (2015. ) Design as a malleable structure: Reframing the conceptual understanding of design and culture through George Kubler’s morphological approach to history of things .Journal of Interior Design (JID) Symposium, March ,

Suh, Joori (2016. ) Pro-Environmental Behavior Sense Making for Beginning Interior Design Students: Light Screen Project .IDEC Exchange a Forum for Interior Design Education, Spring ,

Book Chapter

Cho, J. & Suh, J. (2020 ) Creativity in Interior Design Encyclopedia of Creativity .Elsevier Inc. / Academic Press. (Co-Author)


Poster Presentations

Suh, Joori (2017. ) Art(ing) + Curating + Designing: Toward the Collaborative Creation of Art Exhibition .Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) Conference, Chicago. . Conference. . Level:International

Suh, Joori (2013. ) A Typology Study: Exploration of Interior Archetypes in Museums and Exhibition Spaces Focusing on Art Museums and Memorials .Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) Conference, Indianapolis. . Conference. . Level:International

Paper Presentations

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