Christopher Swoboda

Christopher Swoboda

Associate Professor & Associate Director of Research Methods

Teachers College


CECH Research Methods - 0022

Professional Summary

Christopher M. Swoboda is an Associate Professor and Associate Director of the Research Methods sub-unit in the School of Education.  As an applied quantitative research methodologist, he has focused his scholarship on implementing, evaluating and developing tools for educational, social science and health researchers to appropriately analyze the types of data that are inherent to their field. Amongst other things, these include missing data, causal inference and single-case research designs. 



Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Madison, 2011 (Educational Psychology - Quantitative Methods. Minor in Statistics)

M.A., University of Wisconsin Madison, 2008 (Educational Psychology - Quantitative Methods)

B.S., University of Wisconsin Madison, 2005 (Psychology, Political Science)

Research Support

Grant: #Center for Legal Education Excellence Grant Investigators:Chanvisanuruk, Joel; Lobue, Amy; Swoboda, Christopher 03-07-2019 -11-30-2020 AccessLex Institute Passing the bar: A multisite, mixed methods investigation of law student success Role:PI $125,000.00 Active Level:Private Non-Profit


Peer Reviewed Publications

Merianos, Ashley L; Swoboda, Christopher M; Oluwoye, Oladunni A; Gilreath, Tamika D; Unger, Jennifer B (2018. )Depression and Alcohol Use in a National Sample of Hispanic Adolescents.Substance use & misuse, ,53 (5 ),716-723

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