ALice Tang, MD

ALice Tang, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Geo

Medical Sciences Building

COM Oto H&N Oncologic Surgery - 0528

Medical Science Building
321 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267

Professional Summary

Alice Tang MD specializes in treating head and neck cancers, salivary gland diseases, endocrine disorders, skin cancers and reconstructive surgery.
In her early training years, Dr. Tang spent time at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor under the T32 research grant evaluating cancer stem cells and properties of human papillomavirus (HPV) infected cancer cells of the throat. She has been able to present her research findings at numerous national meetings including the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) and the American Thyroid Association (ATA).

After completing her research fellowship, her residency training in clinical otolaryngology brought her to Cincinnati, OH. She then went on to complete a head and neck oncology and reconstructive surgery fellowship under Dr. James Netterville at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Under his direction and others at the university, she underwent extensive training in thyroid disorders, various head and neck tumors and reconstruction in the face, ear, nose and throat after cancer removing surgeries. Dr. Tang was then recruited back to the University of Cincinnati where she had trained previously to specialize in head and neck cancer surgery.

Her research interests include head and neck cancer, especially the cancer biology of HPV infected throat tumors and malignant thyroid disorders. She is also interested in head and neck cancer survivors and quality of life after treatment. Dr. Tang continues to present her research findings on a national level on a regular basis.


Medical Degree, University of Vermont

Bachelor of Arts, University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, 2006 (Biological Basis of Behavior)

T32 Grant Research Fellow, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2011

Residency, University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio, 2016 (Otolaryngology- Head & Neck Surgery)

Fellowship , Vanderbilt University Nashville, Tennessee, 2017 (Head and Neck Oncology and Microvascular)

Clinical Focus



American Board of Otolaryngology


Research Support

Grant: #2018 AHNS Prevention & Early Detection Community Service Award Investigators:Tang, Alice; Zemtsov, Raquel 03-01-2018 -06-30-2018 American Head and Neck Society AHNS Prevention & Early Detection Committee Community Service Award Role:Collaborator $1,000.00 Active Level:Private Non-Profit

Grant: #RES515013 / R21DE028416 Investigators:Tang, Alice; Zender, Chad 01-01-2020 -05-31-2020 National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research HBD-3: A novel factor orchestrating microbial persistence in suspicious oral lesions Role:PI $4,391.00 Awarded Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

Tang, Alice L; Falciglia, Mercedes; Yang, Huaitao; Mark, Jonathan R; Steward, David L (2017. ) Validation of American Thyroid Association Ultrasound Risk Assessment of Thyroid Nodules Selected for Ultrasound Fine-Needle Aspiration.Thyroid : official journal of the American Thyroid Association, ,

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Post Graduate Training and Education

2011-2016 Residency in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery , University of Cincinnati, , Cincinnati OH

2016-2017 Fellowship in Head and Neck Surgery and Microvascular Reconstruction , Vanderbilt University, , Nashville, TN

Contact Information

Academic - Medical Science Building
321 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45267
Phone: 513-558-1719
Fax: 513-558-3757