Kristina M. Teater

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Candidate

Crosley Tower

A&S SPIA Adjuncts - 0375

Professional Summary

Kristina’s research concentration is in comparative politics and international relations with a focus on the intersection of religion and politics.  Her dissertation, In Search of Rights: The Use of Transnational Advocacy Networks in Response to Restrictions on Religion is a comparative analysis of Christian minorities in India and Malaysia and their use of transnational advocacy networks in response to state-imposed limits on religious practice. Her research is generously supported by a dissertation fellowship from the Taft Research Center. Kristina’s broad research interests include identity politics, international law, social movements, and human rights.​


Masters of Arts: Wright State University Dayton, Ohio, (International Relations and Comparative Politics)

Bachelor of Arts: Milligan College Johnson City, TN, (History and Communications)