Reese Triana

Reese Triana , MPH


Master of Public Health: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Miami, FL, 2021 (Public Health Sciences)

Bachelors of Science: Northern Kentucky University Highland Heights, KY, 2018 (Biological Sciences)


Peer Reviewed Publications

Christopher R. Wolfe, Deepak G. Krishnan, Shelby N. Ortiz & Reese R. Triana (2022. ) Facial Appearance as Core Expression Scale: Benchmarks and Properties.Journal of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery, , More Information

Payal Verma, Chad Curtis, Raghu D. Darisi, Kassie J. Hooker, Brianna Yin, Anshya Tewari, Reese R. Triana, Deepak G. Krishnan (2023. ) Is psychiatric illness associated with risk for postoperative complications in the outpatient setting?.Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, , More Information


Invited Presentations

Duane Sands, MD, Sandeep Goud, MBBS, MS, Reese Triana, MPH Candidate, Jeronimo Maradiaga, MPH Candidate, Hatoun Alkamli, MPH Candidate, Lauren Crimmins, MPH Candidate, Zelde Espinel, MD MA MPH and James M. Shultz, MS, PhD (2021. ) Climate-driven Atlantic hurricanes impacting small island states: Environmental injustice, health inequity, social disconnectedness .APHA 2021, Denver, CO. Level:National

Poster Presentations

Hunter Boone, DDS, Maria DeLeonibus, DMD , Reese Triana, MPH , and Deepak Krishnan, DDS Guidelines for Medication- Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw: An Update .Ohio Dental Association, Columbus, OH. . Level:State

Donniesha Mason, Ashley Wentworth, Reese Triana, and Joseph Mester, PhD Immunogenicity of Novel Vaccines for Hepatitis C Virus .Kentucky Academy of Science, Murray, KY. . Level:State

Anshya Tewari, Reese R. Triana, MPH, and Deepak G. Krishnan, DDS, FACS  The Influence of Psychiatric Illness On Complication Rates in an Outpatient Setting .Tangeman University Center, Cincinnati, OH. . UC. . Level:University