Rekha Chaudhary

Rekha Chaudhary

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Director, Hematology Oncology Fellowship

Vontz Center


COM IM Hematology/Oncology Division - 0562

Vontz Center for Molecular Studies
3125 Eden Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267


Bachelor's Degree, Kent State University 1994 ( Integrated Life Sciences (Summa Cum Laude))

Medical Degree, Northeastern Ohio College of Medicine 1998

Fellowship, Wayne State University Karmanos Cancer Institute 2004 (Hematology Oncology)

Residency, University of Cincinnati Medical Center 2001 (Internal Medicine)


Peer Reviewed Publications

Chaudhary, Rekha (2010. )Drainage by Prayer.Pacing and clinical electrophysiology : PACE, ,

Saikumar, Jagannath; Li, Guiyuan; Chaudhary, Rekha T (2010. )Reversible Neuropathy After Chemotherapy for Metastatic Adenocarcinoma From an Unknown Primary Tumor to the Sural Nerve.American journal of therapeutics, ,

Kleynberg, Roman L; Sofi, Aijaz A; Chaudhary, Rekha T (2010. )Hand-Foot Hyperpigmentation Skin Lesions Associated With Combination Gemcitabine-Carboplatin (GemCarbo) Therapy.American journal of therapeutics, ,

Ghose, Abhimanyu; Tariq, Zeeshan; Taj, Asma; Chaudhary, Rekha (2010. )Acute Dyspnea From Treatment of AL Amyloidisis With Bortezomib.American journal of therapeutics, ,

Ghose, Abhimanyu; Sethi, Namrata; Li, Guiyuan; Chaudhary, Rekha (2010. )Chemotherapy Versus Surgery in Primary B-Cell Lymphoma Masquerading as Klatskin Tumor-A Diagnostic and Therapeutic Dilemma.American journal of therapeutics, ,

Rekha T. Chauhdary, Lance k. Heilbrun, Vikas Jain, and Ulka N. Vaishampaya (2006. )Racial disparity in outcomes of a clinical trial population with metastatic renal cell carcinoma. .Urology, ,68 ,296-301

Rekha Chaudhary MD, Mahvish Muzaffar MD, Xin Li MD, Shobha Ratnam MD (09-2009. )Late onset post renal transplant plasma cell dyscrasia presenting as retroperitoneal plasmacytoma treated with bortezomib and dexamethasone: Review of literature .Transplant Proceedings, ,

Rekha Chaudhary. Asma Taj (09-2009. )Iatrogenic immunosuppresion associated plasmablastic lymphoma of colon in HIV-negative patient .Clinical Medicine Blood Disorders, ,Plasmablastic lymphoma of the colon in a patient ,

Other Publications

Rekha Chaudhary Drainage by Prayer .PACE,

Book Chapter

Chaudhary, R (2007 )Malignant Pleural, Peritoneal, and Pericardial Effusions and Meningeal Infiltrates Handbook of Cancer Chemotherapy 7th edition .Philadelphia,Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins


Invited Presentations

Chaudhary,R. (01-29-2010. )Myeloproliferative Disorders .St. Charles Hospital, Toledo, Ohio, ,

Chaudhary, R (04-30-2009. )Colon Cancer - A Potentially Preventable Malignancy .Memorial Hospital.

Chaudhary, R (02-07-2009. )Colorectal Cancer –Scope it Out .UT Alumni Association Annual Meeting, Kalahari Resort, Sandusky, Ohio .

Chaudhary, R (10-04-2008. )Colorectal Cancer (a potentially preventable malignancy) What are the options for advanced stages? “Oncology Update:The Spectrum of Care in Gastrointestinal Malignancies” .Eleanor N. Dana Conference Center, Toledo, Ohio.

Chaudhary, R. (05-2008. )Myeloproliferative Diseases .Wood County Hospital, .

Chaudhary, R. (05-2008. )The Path to Progress: Clinical Trials in Blood Cancers .The Toledo Hilton, Toledo, Ohio,

Poster Presentations

Dr. Rekha Chaudhary, Kiranmayee Lanka M.D., M.P.H., Dr. Ragheb Assaly M.D., Dr. Rekha Chaudhary, (01-2010. )Reversible Neuropathy after Chemotherapy for Metastatic Adenocarcinoma from an Unknown Primary Tumor to the Sural Nerve .ACP – Ohio Chapter meeting Poster Presentation. .

Rekha Chaudhary, M.D, Jagannath Saikumar, M.D., Guiyuan Li, M.D., (04-2009. )ACP-Ohio Chapter meeting Poster Presentation. .

Kiranmayee Lanka M.D., M.P.H., Dr. Ragheb Assaly M.D., Dr. Rekha Chaudhary., (04-2008. )Secondary Anaplastic large Cell Lymphoma of Brain in a Patient with B-Cell Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma Treated with Purine Analog Therapy .ACP-Ohio Chapter meeting Poster Presentation. .

Chaudhary, Rekha, Lanka, Kiranmayee, Taleb, Mohammed, Ahmad, Aqeel Primary Extramedullary Plasmacytoma of the Lymph Nodes in a Young Renal Transplant Patient. .2008 SGIM Annual Meeting Poster Presentation. .

Rekha Tripathi, Lance Heilbrun, Vikash Jain, and Ulka Vaishamnpayan (2003. ) Decreased Survival of African Americans in Metastatic Renal Cell Cancer: Aggressive biology of disease versus greater social obstacles to care? .ASCO Poster Presentation: Chicago, Illinois. .

Rekha Tripathi, Shirish Gadgeel, Antoinette Wozniak, Lawrence Flaherty, Anthony Shields, Dimitrios Colevas, David Lebwohl, Patricia LoRusso (2002. ) Phase I clinical trial of BMS-247550 (epothilone B derivative) in adult patients with advanced solid tumors .ASCO Poster Presentation: Orlando, Florida. .

Rekha Tripathi, Bhaumik Patel, Lance .Heilburn, Maha Hussain, (2004. )Phase II Study of Interferon and Thalidomide in Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma Patients .Annual AAIMS Meeting Poster Presentation. .


Chaudhary, R., (05-2010. )Myeloproliferative Disorders in the Era of JAK2 .UC.

Chaudhary, R (09-2009. )Blood Cancers .University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio. Other Institution.

Chaudhary, R. (09-2009. )Hematologic Malignancies Made Easy .University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio. Other Institution.

Chaudhary, R., (07-2009. )Junior Medicine Clerkship .


Chaudhary, R. (03-2007. )Debate – Iliofemoral Vein Thrombosis: Throboysis vs Anticoagulation, Anticoagulation is the Treatment of choice for Iliofemoral Vein Thrombosis .Eleanor N. Dana Conference Center, Toledo, Ohio.

Honors and Awards

2008 - Student's First Award; University of Toledo Medical Center, Toledo, Ohio

2000 - University of Cincinnati Resident International Exchange Grant Study of Internal Medicine at Addenbrook's Hospital; Cambridge, England

1997 - Ethical Essay Writing Award; Contamination - American Journal of Ethics and Medicine

1993 - Virginia Perryman Award in Writing; Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

1992 -1994 Ohio Academic Scholar; Kent State University Ohio Board of Regents


(Lucas County Colorectal Summit )Type:Community Service 2005 -2010

Hope for the Holidays Program 2008

Positions and Work Experience

2007 -2010 Internal Medicine Residence Associate Program Director, University of Toledo Medical Center, Toledo, OH

2004 -2010 Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Department of Hematology/Oncology, University of Toledo Medical Center,, Toledo, OH

Post Graduate Training and Education

1994-1998 Doctor of Medicine, Northeastern Ohio College of Medicine, ,Rootstown, Ohio

2001-2004 Hematology/Oncology Fellowship, Wayne State University/Karmanos Cancer Institute, ,Detroit, MI

1998-2001 Internal Medicine Residency, University of Cincinnati Medical Center, ,Cincinnati, OH


Neuro-Onc, Hematology, Brain Tumor, Glioblastoma,

Research and Practice Interests

Neurology, Carboplatin Reactions and Correlation to Allergy to Jewelry, Hematology Oncology

Professional Affiliation

American Society of Clinical Oncology

American College of Surgeons - Cancer Liaison Person

Relevance Reviewer of ABIM Hematology Boards 2006 - Present

Academy of Medicine of Toledo and Lucas County

Contact Information

Academic - Vontz Center for Molecular Studies
3125 Eden Avenue
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45267
Phone: 513-558-2119
Fax: 513-558-2124