Marie-Rose Tshite Botshila

Marie-Rose Tshite Botshila

Graduate Assistant

Professional Summary

Marie-Rose Tshite is part of the generation of ambitious young Congolese women ready to put her rich professional experience acquired on governance, electoral issues, political participation of youth and women in the DRC and Africa to the service of the Nation.

As an independent consultant and engaged volunteer on youth and women participation issues for different local and international organizations in the DRC, she has been involved with the NDI NEW Politics Program, a program that aims to train young women involved in politics within the 4 countries of the Mano River Region (Western Africa).

She has also been involved in the training and coaching of women and young women since 2014 on subjects such as leadership, elections and civic responsibility, public speaking, and the rights of women and girls to education. From August 2020 to now, she has been organizing a campaign to stop the spate of kidnappings of women that have taken place recently in Kinshasa with other women organizations. Marie-Rose Tshite, is also a volunteer interviewer for the VOKAL ICON-NECT, a project that captures the leadership journeys of African women.

During her free time, Mrs. Tshite works with many young people from the public speaker club call “Club Paul Panda”, the network of Congolese youth for peace and the community service day to create a new generation of young leaders. Tshite earned an Honors Degree in African Politics and a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from University of South Africa.
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Research Support

Investigators:Marie-Rose Tshite 2021 -2022 NONE Masculinity, gender, peace and security Role:PI NONE Pending Type:Fellowship Level:University


Electronic Journal

MARIE-ROSE TSHITE (2018. ) Going Against the tide .Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation,