Tasha Turner-Bicknell

Tasha R. Turner-Bicknell , BA, BSN, MSN, DNP

Assistant Professor of Clinical


Procter Hall


CON Undergrad Prog & Admin Srvcs - 0038

Professional Summary

As a facilitator, I strive to provide my students with the tools necessary to think critically and solve problems.  My goal is to provide an engaging classroom experience that encourages each student to become an active participant.  Areas of interest:  global health, community health, health disparities, vulnerable populations, and infectious disease


BA: University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio, 2003 (Cultural Anthropology)

BSN: University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio, 2005 (Nursing )

MSN: University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio, 2012 (Occupational Health Nursing)

DNP: Mount St. Joseph University Cincinnati, Ohio, 2018 (Health System Leadership)

Research and Practice Interests

My doctoral work, from 2015-2018, included the research, review, and implementation of best-practice recommendations for a local syringe exchange program. I believe it is crucial for public health outreach efforts to engage individuals who are actively using drugs to prevent the spread of infectious disease and further disenfranchisement of an already vulnerable population. Through my experience working on a mobile syringe exchange unit, I understand the importance of developing culturally competent programs that implement best-practice recommendations within a harm reduction framework. I understand that the success of any syringe exchange program often hinges on the ability of the staff and volunteers to engage with clients and create a low-threshold environment where clients feel free of judgment.

Positions and Work Experience

11-01-2006 -08-15-2019 RN Case Manager, Provide skilled nursing care and case management to patients in their homes., Care Connection of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

08-15-2012 -05-30-2017 Assistant Professor , Mount St. Joseph University, Cincinnati, Ohio

05-01-2014 -05-30-2017 BSN Program Director, Director of undergraduate programing for the Department of Health Sciences, Nursing. , Mount St. Joseph University, Cincinnati, Ohio

09-01-2019 -To Present Naloxone Educator Trainer, Responsible for the development and implementation of the HRO Naloxone Educator Training, a state-wide training program for community-level naloxone distribution. Funded by the Ohio Department of Health Naloxone Distribution Grant. , Harm Reduction Ohio, Granville, OH

Research Support

Grant: #G25RH32481 Investigators:Clark, Angela; Gerard, Daniel; Lanzillotta, Jennifer; Perazzo, Joseph; Turner-Bicknell, Tasha 09-30-2018 -09-29-2019 Health Resources and Services Administration Highland County CORPP: Collaborative Opioid Response Planning Project Role:Collaborator $200,000.00 Awarded Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

Turner-Bicknell, Tasha (2020. ) Implementing best‐practice with a local syringe service program: Needs‐based syringe distribution .Public Health Nursing, ,

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Additional Publications


Invited Presentations

Tasha Turner-Bicknell (11-28-2018. ) (In Press. ) Generous syringe distribution: Best-practice recommendations for syringe service programs .Compassion, Community & Care - A Harm Reduction Approach to the Opioid Crisis Conference, Columbus, Ohio. Conference. . Level:State

Turner-Bicknell, T. R. & Reed, L. A (11-14-2018. ) (In Press. ) Transforming nursing education: Utilization of the iPad in laboratory and clinical settings .Sigma Theta Tau International, Leadership Connection 2018, Indianapolis, IN. . Conference. . Level:National

Turner-Bicknell, T. R. & Reed, L. A (07-08-2018. ) (In Press. ) Going Paperless in the Skills Lab: Challenges, Rewards, and Implications for Future Success .iCoN Istitute , UC College of Nursing. UC. . Level:College

Turner-Bicknell, T. R (07-28-2019. ) (In Press. ) Increasing client engagement in people who inject drugs: Implementing best-practice for syringe service programs. Sigma’s 30th International Nursing Research Congress,, Calgary, Canada. Conference. . Level:International

Lanzillotta-Rangeley, J. & Turner-Bicknell, T.R. (03-05-2020. ) (In Press. ) Quick Response Teams .HRSA Reverse Site Visit, RCORP 2020 Addressing the Opioid Crisis Through Sustainable Community Action, , Washington D.C.. Professional Meeting. . Level:National

Turner-Bicknell, T. (02-19-2020. ) How to implement evidence-based harm reduction services such as syringe service programs as part of the HRSA Rural Opioid Response Program Implementation grant .Ross County Hope Partnership Project Collaborative, Ross County Ohio. Level:State

Turner-Bicknell, Tasha (09-30-2020. ) The Changing Landscape of Harm Reduction Outreach. CaraConference 2020 HIV: Now + Next,, Cincinnati, Ohio.. Conference. . Level:Regional

Poster Presentations

Tasha Turner-Bicknell and Lu Ann Reed (05-17-2018. ) (In Press. ) Going paperless in the skills lab: Challenges, rewards, and implications for future success .Kentucky League for Nursing Annual Conference, Louisville, Kentucky. . Conference. . Level:State

Turner-Bicknell, T. R. & Bicknell, T. J. (04-30-2019. ) (In Press. ) The opioid test: How Ohio’s heroin crisis is challenging the punishment and treatment paradigm .Harm Reduction International Conference: People Before Politics, Porto, Portugal. . Conference. . Level:International

Jennifer Lanzillotta, PhD, CRNA; Angela Clark, PhD, RN; Tasha Turner-Bicknell, DNP, RN; Joe Perazzo, PhD, RN; Dan Gerard, MS; Meghan Johnson, MSN, CRNA; Jack Stem, CDCA; Creed Culbreath. (06-26-2019. ) (In Press. ) Highland County RCOR-P: Collaborative Opioid Response Planning Project .Responding to the Rural Substance Abuse Crisis: Promoting Community Action and Tele-Behavioral Health Conference by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (HRSA) , Rockville, Maryland. . Conference. . Level:National

Lanzillotta, J., Clark, A., Stem, J., Turner-Bicknell, T. R., Johnson, M., Hook, S., Shaw, J., Rezzae, S., Perazzo, J., Gerard, D., & Culbreath, C. (03-04-2020. ) Collaborative Opioid Response Implementation Project Highland County RCORP-I. HRSA Reverse Site Visit, RCORP 2020 Addressing the Opioid Crisis Through Sustainable Community Action, Washington D.C.. . Conference. . Level:National

Turner-Bicknell, T. R., Smith-Steinert, R., Ota, E., & Umeda, M. (11-18-2020. ) Reaching across the pond: Global collaboration to enhance teaching and learning .Convention Connect. Collaborate. Catalyze. Sigma’s 45th Biennial , Washington D.C.. . Level:International

Honors and Awards

2018 -2018 Cincinnati Business Courier Health Care Hero Award Finalist: Community Outreach Status:Recipient Level:Local Type:Non-Monetary