Hannah VanDusen

Hannah VanDusen

Medical Resident/Fellow

Professional Summary

Personal Statement
As she returned from her MRI, tears slid down Ms. A’s cheeks for the first time. She had presented with progressive difficulty swallowing, which was subsequently diagnosed as gastric cancer. I sat with her during this moment of vulnerability, discussing her fears of what might happen to her children, and her anxieties about starting chemotherapy. I listened and asked questions, exploring her feelings as her plans were shifting from years to months. This is Internal Medicine: it is the commitment to not shy away from hard conversations, but to humbly participate in these moments; it is not to erase all questions, but to ensure that every patient knows they do not seek answers alone. As an Internist, I will be committed to my patients by seeking answers through relationships and maintaining curiosity in all things.
Why I Chose Cincinnati
I chose Cincinnati for quite a few reasons. First, and most important to my decision, was the commitment that UC made to BOTH patient centered care and resident education as their first priorities. The unique curriculum with the long block during the second-year made me excited for how it will best support my plans for fellowship more than a traditional schedule, as well as provide a better mastery of outpatient medicine. Additionally, I wanted to live in Cincinnati and experience the culture, the food scene, and the community events that everyone speaks of so highly. 


MD: Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine