Emily Van Walleghen

Emily Van Walleghen , PhD, RD

Assistant Professor Educator

Clinical Assistant Professor

Hastings L. & William A. French Building
3202 Eden Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267
Phone 513-558-2024
Email emily.vanwalleghen@uc.edu


Doctoral Degree: Virgina Tech 2006 (Nutrition in Sports and Chronic Disease)

Master's Degree: University of Arizona 2002 (Nutritional Science)

Bachelor's Degree: University of Illinois 2000 (Human Nutrition)


Peer Reviewed Publications

Raynor, Hollie A; Van Walleghen, Emily L; Bachman, Jessica L; Looney, Shannon M; Phelan, Suzanne; Wing, Rena R (2011. ) Dietary energy density and successful weight loss maintenance.Eating behaviors, , 12 (2 ) ,119-25 More Information

Raynor, Hollie A; Van Walleghen, Emily L; Osterholt, Kathrin M; Hart, Chantelle N; Jelalian, Elissa; Wing, Rena R; Goldfield, Gary S (2011. ) The relationship between child and parent food hedonics and parent and child food group intake in children with overweight/obesity.Journal of the American Dietetic Association, , 111 (3 ) ,425-30 More Information

Raynor, Hollie A; Van Walleghen, Emily L; Niemeier, Heather; Butryn, Meghan L; Wing, Rena R (2009. ) Do food provisions packaged in single-servings reduce energy intake at breakfast during a brief behavioral weight-loss intervention?.Journal of the American Dietetic Association, , 109 (11 ) ,1922-5 More Information

Smith, Bryan K; Van Walleghen, Emily L; Cook-Wiens, Galen; Martin, Rachael N; Curry, Chelsea R; Sullivan, Debra K; Gibson, Cheryl A; Donnelly, Joseph E (2009. ) Comparison of two self-directed weight loss interventions: Limited weekly support vs. no outside support.Obesity research & clinical practice, , 3 (3 ) ,I-IV More Information

Zemel, Michael B; Donnelly, Joseph E; Smith, Bryan K; Sullivan, Debra K; Richards, Joanna; Morgan-Hanusa, Danielle; Mayo, Matthew S; Sun, Xiaocun; Cook-Wiens, Galen; Bailey, Bruce W; Van Walleghen, Emily L; Washburn, Richard A (2008. ) Effects of dairy intake on weight maintenance.Nutrition & metabolism, , 5 ,28 More Information

Flint, Kelsey M Gilmour; Van Walleghen, Emily L; Kealey, Elizabeth H; VonKaenel, Sandra; Bessesen, Daniel H; Davy, Brenda M (2008. ) Differences in eating behaviors between nonobese, weight stable young and older adults.Eating behaviors, , 9 (3 ) ,370-5 More Information

Davy, Brenda M; Van Walleghen, Emily L; Orr, Jeb S (2007. ) Sex differences in acute energy intake regulation.Appetite, , 49 (1 ) ,141-7 More Information

Van Walleghen, Emily L; Orr, Jeb S; Gentile, Chris L; Davy, Brenda M (2007. ) Pre-meal water consumption reduces meal energy intake in older but not younger subjects.Obesity (Silver Spring, Md.), , 15 (1 ) ,93-9 More Information

Book Chapter

Van Walleghen EL, Steeves BA, Raynor HA (2011 ) Obesity The Oxford Handbook of Health Psychology .(pp. 738 -766).Oxford University Press

Honors and Awards

2006 Outstanding Graduate Student, Department of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

2000 Outstanding Senior in Human Nutrition, Department of Food Science and Human Nutritio University of Illinois

Contact Information

Academic - Hastings L. & William A. French Building
3202 Eden Avenue
CincinnatiĀ  Ohio, 45267
Phone: 513-558-2024