Heather Vilvens

Heather Lynn Vilvens

Assoc Professor

Professional Summary

Heather earned a PhD in Educational Studies with a concentration in Educational and Community-Based Action Research (ECAR) from the University of Cincinnati. She also earned a Master of Education from the University of Cincinnati in Health Promotion & Education with a concentration in Exercise Science. Heather earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Ohio University (Athens) in Psychology.

She is a Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES) and has a great deal of experience in public health and health education in Ohio. She has worked for a variety of organizations on a broad array of issues such as school health, health education standards, heart health, clean air regulations, maternal and child health, farm vehicle and horse back riding safety for children, shared use of school physical activity facilities, and leadership and management issues for the public health workforce.  

Currently, Dr. Vilvens is a full-time Associate Professor and Program Director for the Health Promotion and Education Programs in the Allied Health Department at UC Blue Ash College. Her research interests include topics related to health communications, complementary and alternative medicine, exercise and fitness, nutrition, community-based participatory action research, and social and cultural factors related to health.


PhD: University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio, 2023 (Educational Studies with a concentration in Educational and Community-Based Action Research)

Master of Education: University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio, 1998 (Health Promotion and Education with a concentration in Exercise Science)

Bachelor of Arts: Ohio University Athens, Ohio, 1995 (Psychology)


Published Abstracts

Vilvens, H. L., Bernard, A. L. & Wilson, B.R.A. (2001. ) Effect of Yoga, Aerobic Exercise, and Weight-Training on Mood .[Abstract]Complementary Health Practice Review , 7 (1 ) ,76Co-Author

Peer Reviewed Publications

Vilvens, Heather L; Vaughn, Lisa M; Southworth, Hayley; Denny, Sarah A; Gittelman, Michael A (2020. ) Personalising Safe Sleep Messaging for Infant Caregivers in the United States.Health & Social Care in the Community, , 28 (3 ) ,891 -902More Information

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Chace, Mary; Vilvens, Heather (2015. ) Opening the Doors for Health: School Administrators' Perceived Benefits, Barriers, and Needs Related to Shared Use of School Recreational Facilities for Physical Activity.Journal of Physical Activity & Health, , 12 (7 ) ,1017-22 More Information

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Vilvens, H. L., Frame, D. L., & Owen, P. C. (2020. ) Promoting the Inclusion of Mindfulness & Contemplative Practices in the College Classroom.Pedagogy in Health Promotion, , More Information

Haddad, K., Lindquist-Grantz, R., Vilvens, H., Boards, A., Jacquez, F., & Vaughn, L. (2020. ) Empowering Youth to Build BRIDGES: Youth Leadership in Suicide Prevention.Collaborations: A Journal of Community-Based Research and Practice, , 3(1): (10 ) ,1-10 More Information

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Holtzhauer, F., Pearsol, J., Sever, M. & Vilvens, H. (2007. ) Successfully Integrating a Public Health Training Center with a Public Health Leadership Institute .Leadership in Public Health, , 7 (3 ) ,29 -35

Honors and Awards

05-2018 Be Well UC, Wellness Champion Award https://www.uc.edu/hr/bewelluc/champions.html Be Well UC Status:Recipient Level:University Type:Recognition

03-2019 Be Well UC #HealthyUC Award for being an example to others of what a #HealthyUC looks like. Status:Recipient Level:University

11-2017 2017 Promising Practice Award for American Academy of Pediatrics, Ohio Chapter, Safe Sleep Messaging Project - Key Researcher on Project Team Ohio Department of Health, Ohio Injury Prevention Partnership Status:Recipient Level:State Type:Recognition

10-2013 Distinguished Achievement Award American Heart Association/American Stroke Association Status:Recipient Level:State Type:Recognition