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Professional Summary

Rainer vom Hofe is a Professor of Economic Development in the School of Planning at the University of Cincinnati.  He is also the School’s PhD Graduate Director. Rainer received his MS and PhD in Regional Science from Cornell University and completed his undergraduate studies at the Fachhochschule Weihenstephan, Germany.
Rainer’s research interests lie in the area of urban and regional economics, economic development planning, environmental quality of life, and quantitative methods for urban and regional planning and policy analysis, including economic and fiscal impact analysis and spatial econometrics.  He has published in several planning and regional science journals, including, among others:  Urban Studies, Journal of Regional Science, Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy, Environment and Planning B, Annals of Regional Science.


PhD: Cornell University (Regional Science)

M.S.: Cornell University (Regional Science)

Dipl. Ing.: Fachhochschule Weihenstephan

Research and Practice Interests

Urban and Regional Economics
Economic Development Planning
Urban Amenities
Quantitative Methods for Urban and Regional Policy Analysis
Statistical Analysis / Spatial Econometrics
Economic / Fiscal Impact Analysis
Hedonic Pricing Modeling

Research Support

Grant: #018000-340452-02/ RBS1039 Investigators:Auffrey, Christopher; Honadle, Beth; Looye, Johanna; Vomhofe, Rainer; Zapata, Marisa 05-01-2011 -08-31-2013 Department of Agriculture An External Evaluation of the Strong Economies Together (SET) Initiative Role:Collaborator $100,000.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #018000.340452.18 \ RBS1039 Investigators:Honadle, Beth; Vomhofe, Rainer; Zapata, Marisa 01-01-2013 -12-31-2014 Department of Agriculture Advanced Evaluation of the Stronger Economies Together Initiative for U.S. Regional Rural Development Role:Collaborator $49,451.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #OIA-2033607 Investigators:Matthews, Charles; Parent, Olivier; vom Hofe, Rainer; Yeghiazarian, Lilit 09-01-2020 -08-31-2022 National Science Foundation A1: Urban Flooding Open Knowledge Network (UF-OKN): Delivering Flood Impact Information to AnyOne, AnyTime, AnyWhere Role:Collaborator $2,853,561.00 Awarded Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

Rainer vom Hofe, Olivier Parent, Meghan Grabill (2019. ) What to do with vacant and abandoned residential structures? The effects of teardowns and rehabilitations on nearby properties .Journal of Regional Science, , 59 (2 ) ,228-249

Rainer vom Hofe, Oana Mihaescu, and Mary Lynne Boorn (2018. ) Are Homeowners Willing to Pay More for Access to Parks? Evidence from a Spatial Hedonic Study of the Cincinnati Park System .Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy, , 48 (3 ) ,66-82

Conrad Kickert and Rainer vom Hofe (2018. ) Critical mass matters - The long-term benefits of retail agglomeration for establishment survival in downtown Detroit and The Hague .Urban Studies, , 55 (5 ) ,1033-1055

Rayman Mohamed, Rainer vom Hofe, and Sangida Mazumder (2014. ) A spatial hedonic study of the jurisdictional spillover effects of sprawl on accidents .Journal of Accident Analysis & Prevention, , 72 ,9-16

Honadle, Walter Beth, Marisa Zapata, Christopher Auffrey, Rainer vom Hofe and Johanna Looye (2014. ) Developmental evaluation and the ‘Stronger Economies Together’ initiative in the United States .Evaluation and Program Planning, , 43 ,64-72

Oana Mihaescu and Rainer vom Hofe (2013. ) Using spatial regression to estimate property tax discounts from proximity to brownfields: A tool for local policy-making .Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management, , 15 (1 ) ,

Olivier Parent and Rainer vom Hofe (2013. ) Understanding the economic benefits of trails on residential property values .Annals of Regional Science, , 51 (2 ) ,355-375

Oana Mihaescu and Rainer vom Hofe (2012. ) The impact of brownfields on residential property values in Cincinnati, Ohio: A spatial hedonic approach .Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy, , 42 (3 ) ,223-236

Changjoo Kim, Olivier Parent, Rainer vom Hofe (2017. ) The role of peer effects and the built environment on individual travel behavior .Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, , 45 (3 ) ,452-469

Wen Zhang, Seunghoon Oh, and Rainer vom Hofe (2018. ) Transforming Abandoned Rail Corridors into Multi-purpose Trails: Applying a Spatial Hedonic Approach to Estimating the Economic Benefits of the Little Miami Scenic Trail in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA .Urban Rail Transit, , 4 (4 ) ,274–287

Conrad Kickert, Rainer vom Hofe, Tigran Haas, Wen Zhang, and Binita Mahato (2020. ) Spatial dynamics of long-term urban retail decline in three transatlantic cities .Cities, , 107 ,

Seunghooh Oh, Rainer vom Hofe (2023. ) Transit-induced Agglomeration and Employment Opportunity: A Spatial Econometric Analysis of Skill- and Industry-specific Job Clusters in Philadelphia, PA .Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy, , 53 (1 ) ,82-104

Olivier Parent, Rainer vom Hofe, Seunghoon Oh, Paul Ervin, Atikul Md. Khalid, Lilit Yeghiazarian (2023. ) Estimating the Socioeconomic Impacts of Flooding on Regional Economies With a Computable General Equilibrium Model .Water Resources Research, , 59 (9 ) ,

Published Books

Xinhao Wang and Rainer vom Hofe (2007. ) Research Methods in Urban and Regional Planning .Beijing and Berlin , Tsinghua University Press and Springer

Xinhao Wang and Rainer vom Hofe (2020. ) Selected Methods of Planning Analysis .Springer

Additional Publications

Professional Affiliation

2006 -2017: City Of Cincinnati Planning Commissioner City of Cincinnati