Taylor Wadian

Taylor W Wadian

Assoc Professor

Professional Summary

Taylor Wadian is a social psychologist whose research interests predominantly center on examining the factors that contribute to antisocial and prosocial behavior.


Ph.D. in Psychology : Kansas State University Manhattan, KS, 2017

M.A. in Social Psychology : University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls, IA, 2009

B.A. in Psychology : Buena Vista University Storm Lake, IA, 2007


Peer Reviewed Publications

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Sonnentag, T. L., Wadian, T. W., Barnett, M. A., Gretz, M. R., & Bailey, S. M. (2018. ) Characteristics associated with individuals’ caring, just, and brave expressions of the tendency to be a moral rebel.Ethics & Behavior, , 28 (5 ) ,411 -428More Information

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Wadian, T. W., Jones, T. L., Sonnentag, T. L., & Barnett, M. A. (2016. ) Cyberbullying: Adolescents’ experiences, responses, and their beliefs about their parents' recommended responses.Journal of Education and Developmental Psychology, , 6 (2 ) ,47-52 More Information

Calaway, W. R., Kinsley, J. M., & Wadian, T. W. (2020. ) The role of judicial political affiliation in Criminal Sentencing Outcomes.Wayne Law Review, , 66 (2 ) ,347 -379More Information

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Book Chapter

Miller-Hargis, A., Odum, T., Wadian, T. W., Harte, H (2021 ) Perspectives of Inclusion in the Social Sciences Equity and Inclusion: Strategies for the Classroom .(pp. 58 -70).University of Cincinnati Press (Co-Author)