Hans Wagner

Hans Peter Wagner

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Geology-Physics Building


A&S Physics - 0011

Professional Summary

Website: http://homepages.uc.edu/~wagnerhp/

Expertise: Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) and organic molecular beam deposition (OMBD); Semiconductor nanostructures organic thin films and organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs); Exciton transition and coherent relaxation dynamics of exitons; Nonlinear optical properties of semiconductors and organics time resolved spectroscopic techniques;

Research: Organic molecular beam deposition (OMBD) and optical characterization of organic and hybrid organic/semiconductor nanostructures. Fabrication of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). Study of linear and nonlinear optical properties in organic/semiconductor waveguides and nanostructures: - Stimulated emission - Second harmonic generation - Two-photon absorption - Coherent exciton dynamics in II-VI quantum wells, - wires and – dots using the experimental technique of four wave mixing (FWM) - Phase Coherent Photorefractivity (PCP) in semiconductor quantum wells; Optical Coherence Imaging (OCI) and contrast enhanced holographic imaging (CEHI) using phase coherent photorefractive quantum wells. Fabrication and investigation of plasmonic waveguides and of plasmonic organic/semiconductor nanowire heterostructures. 

Research Support

Grant: #DMR 0305076 NCE Investigators:Wagner, Hans 07-01-2003 -06-30-2007 National Science Foundation Electron-Longitudinal Optical-Phonon Quantum Kinetics in Wide-Gap II-VI Nanostructures with Strong Confinement Role:PI $300,000.00 Closed Level:Federal

Grant: #URC Faculty 2012-13 Investigators:Wagner, Hans 01-22-2013 -01-21-2014 UC's University Research Council Exciton Dynamics Brings Light into Plasmonic Nanowire Heterostructures Role:PI $6,500.00 Active Level:Internal UC

Grant: #Wagner – URC research cost award March 2018 Investigators:Wagner, Hans 05-01-2018 -06-30-2019 UC's University Research Council Wagner URC Faculty Research Cost Support Award 2018 Role:PI $7,500.00 Active Level:Internal UC

Grant: #DMR-2004768 Investigators:Wagner, Hans 07-01-2020 -06-30-2023 National Science Foundation Exciton-plasmon states in nano-morphologically controlled semiconductor nanowires: From weak coupling to quantum entanglement. Role:PI $185,059.00 Awarded Level:Federal