Janis Walter

Janis Lee Walter


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CECH Criminal Justice - 0389

Professional Summary

Janis Walter is a Professor of Paralegal Studies at the University of Cincinnati. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a juris doctorate from Salmon P. Chase College of Law. She is licensed to practice law in Kentucky and Ohio. Her emphasis in private practice was civil litigation and private adoptions. She currently coordinates and teaches in UC’s ABA approved paralegal program, a position she has held since 1988. Ms. Walter also serves as a Commissioner for the American Bar Association’s Approval Commission on Paralegals. Prior to this appointment, she served as the educational representative on many site teams evaluating paralegal programs. Professor Walter is also an active member of the American Association for Paralegal Education where she has developed model syllabi and served as editor of the Paralegal Educator. She has also presented at many different forums on topics ranging from teaching effectiveness to handling adoptions. Ms. Walter's publications include The Ohio Courts and five case studies, including civil litigation, family law and criminal law.

Positions and Work Experience

2007 -To Present Commissioner, Chair site teams to evaluate paralegal programs to determine ABA approval (accreditation), American Bar Association,


Published Books

Walter,J. (2005. ) Ohio courts .Pearson Prentice Hall

Wright,R.; Walter,J. Working title: a case study-- state vs. manion .Thompson/Delmar

Walter, J. (2009. ) Family Law: Allen v. Allen .Delmar/Cengage

Walter, J. (2009. ) Civil Litigation: Robinson v. Adcock .Delmar/Cengage

Walter, J. (2009. ) Civil Litigation: Cook v. Washington .Delmar/Cengage

Walter, J. (2009. ) Civil Litigation: Mosley v. Okeedoke .Delmar/Cengage

Walter, J. & Wright, R. (2009. ) Criminal Law: State v. Manion .Delmar/Cengage


Invited Presentations

Walter, J.S. (03-2007. ) Testing: The ugly stepchild of teaching .Teaching Academic Survival Skills, West Palm Beach, FL.

Walter, J. (03-2006. ) Active classroom learning: A real goal of university teaching .Presented at the Teaching Academic Survival Skills, Palm Beach, FL.

Walter, J. (10-2005. ) Using law in media for classroom teaching .Presented at the American Association for Paralegal Educators Annual Conference, Tampa, FL.

Walter, J. (03-2008. ) Mentoring new faculty .Teaching Academic Survival Skills, Palm Beach, FL.

Paper Presentations

Walter, J. (03-2009. ) Unlocking the mysteries of assessment .West Palm Beach, FL.

Walter, J. (06-2009. ) Seeking ABA approval .Chicago, IL.

Walter, J. (10-2009. ) Ohio certification exams for paralegals .Portland, OR.

Walter, J. (10-2009. ) Paralegal publications .Portland, OR.

Janis Walter (03-20-2012. ) First Generation Students-Advising, Retention, Teaching .Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Janis Walter (11-03-2012. ) Focus Groups-Best Practices .Baltimore, Maryland.


American Bar Association 2007 -To Present

Professional Affiliation

07-2011: StandingCommittee on Paralegal Education American Bar Association, 1 of 6 members in the United States.

2007: Specially Designated Comissioner American Bar Association, appointed to conduct paralegal program site visits across United States.

2010: Subject Matter Expert-Focus Group Cengage/Delmar Publishers. Advise publisher on paralegal trends, publications, current events, etc.