Arden Wander

Arden H Wander

Professor of Clinical Ophthlamology Director of Cornea and External Disease Service

Medical Arts Building


COM Ophthalmology - 0665

UC Health Physicians Office- Clifton
222 Piedmont Avenue suite 1700
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

Stetson Building
Suite 5300
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267


Medical Degree, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Residency, University of Cincinnati

Fellowship, Louisiana State University (Cornea and External Disease)

Research and Practice Interests

Cornea and External Disease

UC Health Clinical Focus



American Board of Ophthalmology



Peer Reviewed Publications

Wander, Arden H (2011. )Long-term use of hydroxypropyl cellulose ophthalmic insert to relieve symptoms of dry eye in a contact lens wearer: case-based experience.Eye & contact lens, ,37 (1 ),39-44

Wander, Arden H; Koffler, Bruce H (2009. )Extending the duration of tear film protection in dry eye syndrome: review and retrospective case series study of the hydroxypropyl cellulose ophthalmic insert. The ocular surface, ,7 (3 ),154-62

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Spaulding, A G; Asbury, T; Wander, A H (1974. )Phacopathology: (1) duplication of posterior lens capsule, (2) total lens capsuel stripping. Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society, ,72 ,282-301

Post Graduate Training and Education

1967-1967 Internship, University of Cincinnati Medical Center, ,Cincinnati, Ohio

1970-1973 Ophthalmology Resident, University of Cincinnati College of MEdicine, ,Cincinnati, Ohio

1978-1979 Corneal Fellowship, Louisiana State University, ,Louisiana

Contact Information

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Cincinnati  Ohio, 45219
Phone: 513-475-7294
Fax: 513-475-7369

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