Dylan Ward

Dylan Ward , Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Associate Professor, Undergraduate Director, Geomorphology and Numerical Modeling

Geology-Physics Building


A&S Geology - 0013

Professional Summary

Numerical modeling, field measurement, and geochronology to constrain rates and mechanics of fluvial and glacial geomorphic processes; Paleoclimate and atmospheric circulation as reflected in the landscape; Response of landscape processes to climate change and to exhumation of different rock types.


Ph.D.: University of Colorado Boulder, CO, 2010 (Geological Sciences)

M.S.: Virginia Tech University Blacksburg, VA, 2004 (Geosciences)

B.S.: Virginia Tech University Blacksburg, VA, 2002 (Geosciences)

Positions and Work Experience

2012 -To Present Assistant Professor, Department of Geology, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

2010 -2012 Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

Research Support

Grant: #W911NF-15-1-0392 Investigators:Ward, Dylan 07-15-2015 -07-14-2018 Department of the Army Imaging the physical controls on rock debris surface properties with a novel 3D reconstruction method Role:PI Active Type:Grant

Grant: #133549-87S1 / EAR-1226611 Investigators:Ward, Dylan 09-01-2012 -08-31-2016 National Science Foundation Glacio-geomorphic Constraints on the Climate History of the High, Arid Chajnantor Plateau, Subtropical Northern Chile Role:PI Active Type:Grant

Grant: #Subcontract 1 Investigators:Ward, Dylan 01-01-2017 -12-31-2017 Hillside Trust Hillside Trust subcontract Role:PI $25,000.00 Active Level:Private Non-Profit

Grant: #Connecticut DEEP 2017 StateMap / Project DEPA00002049101 Investigators:Dietsch, Craig; Ward, Dylan 06-01-2017 -05-31-2018 U.S. Geological Survey USGS w/ Connecticut Geological Survey Role:Collaborator $41,228.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #New Mexico Inst. of Mining and Tech. P0019692 sub NPS P19AC01051 Investigators:Ward, Dylan 01-01-2020 -09-30-2020 National Park Service Stream capture from below: formation of the Sinkhole Plain, Kentucky, through the lens of relict topography Role:PI $24,956.00 Active Level:Federal

Investigators:Bosch, Rachel; Ward, Dylan 07-01-2021 -06-30-2022 The Cave Research Foundation Speleothem and charcoal dating to constrain the pace of denudation of the Sinkhole Plain, Central Kentucky Karst (w/ Dylan Ward as Mentor). Role:PI 1300.00 Awarded Level:Non Profit

Grant: #EAR-2048452 Investigators:Soltanian Pereshkafti, Mohamad Reza; Wallace, Corey; Ward, Dylan 09-01-2021 -08-31-2024 National Science Foundation AWARD 2048452: The influence of hierarchical and multiscale river morphology and sediment heterogeneity on hyporheic exchange processes Role:Collaborator 520884.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #GR129186-SPC-1000007100 Investigators:Soltanian Pereshkafti, Mohamad Reza; Sturmer, Daniel; Ward, Dylan 09-01-2022 -08-31-2023 U.S. Geological Survey Imaging hyporheic exchange dynamics in a headwaters stream impacted by urban karst (full proposal) Role:PI 34264.00 Hold Level:Federal

Grant: #2023 Ohio ROCKS award Investigators:Kessler, Cody; Ward, Dylan 03-31-2023 -03-30-2024 Ohio Department of Natural Resources Determining the Electrical Properties of Emerging Contaminants in Contaminated Soil Role:PI 2500.00 Awarded Level:Ohio, State of

Grant: #GR129186-SPC-1000007100 Investigators:Soltanian Pereshkafti, Mohamad Reza; Sturmer, Daniel; Ward, Dylan 09-01-2022 -08-31-2023 U.S. Geological Survey Imaging hyporheic exchange dynamics in a headwaters stream impacted by urban karst (full proposal) Role:PI 34264.00 Active Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

Cesta, J. and D. Ward (2016. ) Timing and nature of alluvial fan development along the Chajnantor Plateau, northern Chile.Geomorphology, , 273 ,412-427 More Information

Sagredo, E., Lowell, T., Kelly, M., Rupper, S., Aravena, J., Ward, D., and Malone, A. (2016. ) Equilibrium line altitudes along the Andes during the Last millennium: Paleoclimatic implications.The Holocene, , 1-15 More Information

Ward, D.J., J.M. Cesta, J. Galewsky, and E. Sagredo (2015. ) Late Pleistocene glaciations of the arid subtropical Andes and new results from the Chajnantor Plateau, northern Chile.Quaternary Science Reviews, , 128 ,98-116 More Information

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Ward, D.J, and J. Galewsky (2014. ) Exploring landscape sensitivity to the Pacific Trade Wind Inversion on the subsiding island of Hawaii.Journal of Geophysical Research, Earth Surface, , 119 (9 ) ,2048 More Information

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Dühnforth, M., R.S. Anderson, D.J. Ward, and G.M. Stock (2012. ) Unsteady late Pleistocene incision of streams bounding the Colorado Front Range from measurements of meteoric and in situ 10Be.Journal of Geophysical Research, Earth Surface, , 117 (F01023 ) , More Information

Galewsky J., C. Rella, Z. Sharp, K. Samuels, and D. Ward (2011. ) Surface measurements of upper tropospheric water vapor isotopic composition on the Chajnantor Plateau, Chile.Geophysical Research Letters, , 38 (L17803 ) , More Information

Ward D.J., M.M. Berlin, and R.S. Anderson (2011. ) Sediment dynamics below retreating cliffs.Earth Surface Processes and Landforms., , More Information

Ward, D. J. and R. S. Anderson (2010. ) The use of ablation-dominated medial moraines as samplers for 10Be-derived erosion rates of glacier valley walls, Kichatna Mts., AK.Earth Surface Processes and Landforms., , More Information

Dühnforth, M., R.S. Anderson, D.J. Ward, and G.M. Stock (2010. ) Bedrock Fracture Control of Glacial Erosion Processes and Rates.Geology, , 38 ,423 More Information

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Guido, Z.S., D.J. Ward, and R.S. Anderson (2007. ) Pacing the post-last glacial maximum demise of the Animas Valley Glacier and the San Juan Mountain ice cap, Colorado .Geology, , 35 (8 ) ,739

Dylan J. Ward, James A. Spotila, Gregory S. Hancock and John M. Galbraith (2005. ) New constraints on the late Cenozoic incision history of the New River, Virginia .Geomorphology, , 72 ,54


Invited Presentations

Dylan Ward (10-30-2013. ) New evidence for LGM glaciation of the arid Chajnantor Plateau, northern Chilean Andes .Geological Society of America national meeting, Denver, CO.

Dylan Ward (09-26-2013. ) Predicting changes to alpine glacial landscapes under future climate scenarios .Workshop for the prediction of landscape response to climate change, Biosphere 2 (University of Arizona).

Dylan Ward (04-19-2013. ) The landscape signature of the Pacific Trade Wind Inversion on the Island of Hawaii .Illinois State University,

Dylan Ward (04-20-2012. ) Interpreting cosmogenic deglaciation records using numerical models: Examples from the Rocky Mountains and the Chilean Andes .Virginia Tech Department of Geosciences, Blacksburg, VA.

Student Advising

Christopher Sheehan (Doctoral ) Advisor Status:In Progress

Jason Cesta (Doctoral ) Advisor Status:In Progress

Rachel Thornton (Master ) Status:In Progress

Zoey Dodson (Master ) Advisor Status:In Progress

Christopher Sheehan (Master ) Advisor Status:Completed 2016

Jason Cesta (Master ) Advisor Status:Completed 2015

Courses Taught

Modeling Landscapes Level:Both

Geomorphology Level:Undergraduate

Geology of the National Parks Level:Undergraduate

Earth, Sea, and Sky Level:Undergraduate

Earth Science and Technology Level:Undergraduate

Intro Physical Geology Level:Undergraduate